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  1. Best B'elanna and best Chakotay are S1E3 where B'Elanna breaks Carey's nose over an engineering disagreement and Chakotay dresses her down completely before marching into Janeway's office and insisting she make B'Elanna Chief Engineer.

  2. I also like the one where someone wants the ship to be run more like a Maquis ship, so Chakotay sucker-punches him and pins him to the table for questioning him.

  3. And the more witches of your dynasty with income, the more frequently that appears. Running an empire where all vassals are members of my dynasty and witches resulted in a massive number of free perks. I was able to max out trees under lifestyle types I wasn't even working on. My last character had eight lifestyle traits.

  4. I perfected the turn 50 ruhr valley in multiplayer before the others figured out that extended eras makes Babylon giga broken

  5. I now have an urge to play Babylon with the Historic Speed mod.

  6. Really wish more weapon attachment were released. I mean Sniper, Rockets and many more don't have attachments

  7. Discoverable vs intuitive is a very important distinction. I've discovered things by accident on Apple devices, but I can almost never find something I'm looking for if I don't already know where it is.

  8. I've only had one child die from this, but I've had plenty come back wounded.

  9. "In case a giant force-sensitive moose attacks us from the surface of the planet."

  10. It's been a while since I saw rebels, but I believe thrawn rarely loses. In one of the times he does, it's because one of his men disobeyed his orders, so his strategy was still sound.

  11. A couple times he also lets them win or lets them go because it allows him to pursue a greater goal, the destruction of the Phoenix Cell, which he accomplishes in spite of the Bendu's interference allowing some to escape. The only time they get a significant victory against him required Ezra to summon a pod of purgill to jump his fleet away, something Thrawn couldn't have anticipated.

  12. Yes, but this is not the perfect soulmate for Geralt, you're choosing your soulmate!

  13. The husband is according to LAOP, but the mortgage and the divorce filing make him “gifting” the house highly illegal.

  14. She’s an anakin story. Very powerful but blinded by pride and arrogance

  15. This is also reflected by her alignment meter. Carth, Mission, Juhani, and I think Zaalbar, are all more strongly light-aligned than Bastila is.

  16. Laughs in Kind and Compassionate

  17. I had a character recently that was really good at assassinating people, but starting the plot gave him 140 stress.

  18. Also Don Cheadle was a much better Rhodey IMO. Terrence Howard seemed like he was competing with Tony while Cheadle was more of his friend. IDK if they had big plans for Howard and that’s why he acted like that but Cheadle was able to ride it out for more than a decade

  19. Cheadle can also do basic math, which puts him well ahead of Howard.

  20. I never noticed the human skull emerging from that things head.

  21. Don't forget the set of human teeth between the bear teeth in the lower jaw.

  22. In another thread someone pointed out that there were roughly 10,000 Jedi at the time of Order 66. Wiping out 99% by ANH would still leave 100 Jedi alive, of which we know of Kenobi, Yoda, Ahsoka, Grogu, and Kanan? Maybe some of the Inquisitors if you want to be technical? Since you expect Jedi to be highly notable individuals, them still popping up in stories is certainly plausible after ANH.

  23. Sometimes, it is logical to add such a word to emphasize your intent.

  24. That one time Data yelled at someone to shut up and follow orders was one of the few times a Trek writer displayed an understanding of what logic actually is.

  25. I once saw somebody ignore an ambulance's sirens, pull out in front of it, and stop for a bit so they could get into a Jamba Juice. Didn't notice anything even with the ambulance honking at them.

  26. They layed off 160 people so they could afford to give the COO a 30% raise.

  27. If one employee's pay is enough to cover five hundred employees' pay, then either that employee is being paid too much or those five hundred are not being paid enough.

  28. I'm pretty sure we are there now. I assume that's why it's so laggy this season when you enter the menus

  29. And why opening the armory tends to cause a CTD now if you do that after having played a few matches. And I have 32GB of RAM and 12GB VRAM, so it's not like my system is hurting for memory.

  30. I don't know why, but I envisioned the plushie as being in color. Which the comic doesn't have, so I have no idea what colors it would have been. It seems really obvious that it wouldn't be in color now that I've seen it.

  31. Meridia or Merid Nunda, is in fact a Magna Ge, who descend from Anu, so that part is true. The term “Daedra” is best defined as describing entities inhabiting Oblivion, rather than descending from Padomay (even though most do)

  32. I'm at the combination Apple Store and Taco Bell.

  33. The combination Apple Store and A&W places were a casualty of The Franchise Wars. I miss them.

  34. The problem with Nokia throwing their phones against the wall was that, eventually, the wall would break.

  35. I saw a clip once where someone overvolted an old Nokia phone so much that electricity was arcing off of it, then called the phone. It rang.

  36. Alan Alda making a cameo as head of Starfleet Medical would be great, though.

  37. My favorite story was they got rejected by the censors for showing an ass crack

  38. And the corpse with the ass had been partially flayed, which was very visible.

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