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  1. Poster board is more flimsy canvas small sizes are like 1.50 each I value packs it's expensive if have to buy huge ones separately but there half off all the time

  2. I kept getting "unable to join" messages, but I kept trying and eventually joined.

  3. Wish I could've been there since I'm not far from nashville, even though I'm commenting on a year old post, I hope it was a good concert

  4. I swear to god Cake has gotta be the most hard to describe band ever, I mean they’re rock, but trying to compare them to a band or put them in their own genre is so difficult

  5. Wtf? And also CAKE are way better than Beck

  6. Agreed, I don't really care for Beck. I heard my friend say this a while ago and when I stumbled on this subreddit it reminded me of that

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