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  1. It is confirmed that the mantis shrimp has 12 color cones in the eye as opposed to humans who have only three. If my understanding is correct that means they can basically see a huge variety of colors mixed from 12 primary colors. All of the colors we are able to perceive come from mixtures of our 3 color cones. It’s a huge amount of possible colors or vibrancies that a shrimp could see that we can’t even conceptualize. Always blows my mind thinks about this fact and that other animals have more color cone types than us as well.

  2. Umbreon will always be the greatest Pokémon. Respect to your beautiful collection!

  3. People just being rude. My local card store sells single packs of shining fates as well. Congrats! I wish to have your luck

  4. Thanks for understaning i literally lost my hype to that card bc everyone was being rude

  5. Hey all that matters is your memory of a crazy moment. This is one of the sickest pulls possible right now! I pulled an alt art Zapdos out of 2 packs and was shocked. It’s not the craziest card ever but just the memory from my pull makes it definitely my favorite. Enjoy your shiny Charizard

  6. Its decent feels like there's something missing , keep pumping out them tracks bro and sharpen your craft!!!

  7. Aww yes how embarrassing to drink something that doesn’t taste like shit

  8. Wow! This is a dream giveaway. Congrats to whoever wins this beauty. Hopeful!

  9. Please report all low effort feedback and feedback evasion. The hammer of justice is unisex.

  10. Bro I love the vibe of this one. I would consider hopping on if scrolling for beats. I think it needs a bit more variety somehow to really catch my attention. I enjoy the switch up but maybe a bit more different percussion or dropping drums out for a bar or two could be good. Overall solid for sure.

  11. I know Gem Mint Pokémon is a big miscut/oc collector. If you are looking to sell may want to send him a message.

  12. I am open to selling. Feel free to send me a DM and we can discuss

  13. Super cool! I'll bet that was fun to see when you opened it.

  14. Yeah we were admiring the holo at first before noticing the next cards were super off, then shocked as we see the whole deck is basically miscut!

  15. “These tips and tricks will work on just about anything” lmao

  16. We each got our own booster box and these are the best of our pulls! Umbreon is my favorite Pokémon of all time so I was pretty stoked. She opened one random pack of my box and pulled the Umbreon. Sylveon was in the very last pack of her box.

  17. That Umbreon though. That's all I've been wanting to pull!

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