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Uvalde woman gets city council to do its job getting rid of Chief Arredondo by reading their rules to them. The motion passed unanimously.

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  1. Tired premise, predictable punchline, and annoying background music. The trifecta.

  2. And who hired you to be the rotten tomatoes of jokes?

  3. How would you describe what happens at 0:45 in the video

  4. A man walks up to the woman who just attacked him outta nowhere, and pushes her a bit to get her attention

  5. To get her attention? Are you really that delusional? He's quite clearly getting back at her for attacking him.

  6. She turned around to face away from the problem. So yeah, he had to get her attention. In my opinion an attack isn’t over just because the aggressor decides it is. The man did what was right, the woman decided to attack so in a society with some sense the victim should have the right to fight back. Regardless of any specific factor of either party such as gender or sex.

  7. Ok. So “our body our choice” doesn’t mean men can’t choose a vaccine? It can be forced on us because it’s not our body? That is what you’re saying lol. Should women be forced to be vaccinated? I thought it was their body “autonomy”. You’re a hypocrite.

  8. The difference is that a virus has the potential to infect and harm dozens of people from a single carrier. A pregnancy/abortion only affects the woman, there is no affect on anyone but the woman when an abortion occurs. Also I never said I’m for forcing vaccines on people. I was saying the comparison is dumb as fuck.

  9. How can I read if you deleted your comment? 🤡

  10. At least they didn’t turn into sigma grind set hustle incels

  11. Just be petty back, that that old sandbag filled with failed hopes and dreams

  12. Me trying to tell the gangplank mid against varus last night that I’m just doing my job as jg

  13. fr fr, gotta join the rift maker, mobo boots, dark harvest cult and go fast as fuck. there’s is not a more fun way to play league than to play the initial d deja vu song and drift as nunu

  14. I have no idea who this wonderful woman is, but from that alone I would vote for her if she ran for office

  15. Pcm isn’t even mostly right wing it’s actually almost even divided it just appears to be more right wing cuz the right are banned on every other subreddit

  16. I still remember when the PS2 was the new gaming console, I saved up like $200. Still wasn't allowed to purchase the thing. Parents teach kids to not trust them with stuff like this. At least the good grades are still a reward of sorts. I had my money taken for a bill.

  17. Blows my mind how parents think they just own their child.

  18. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Please know it does get better. Please take care of yourself. Your dad is an ass. My mom took me to weight watchers when I was 11. I was 5’4” and 110lbs . It’s all projection.

  19. Thanks, I’ve gotten better with food but still some days I eat everything or nothing. Sadly it sound like your mom was an ass too, I do think you’re right about it being projection though. They can’t escape their own weight problems and just take out their frustrations on a fresh slate. I’m sure we will both figure it all out eventually though! Good luck :)

  20. noooOOooOoOoO bUt pItBulLs aREnT dAngErOuS!!1!!!1!!!!!

  21. Or let them figure it out on their own. A child has no obligation to make sure their parent lives comfortably

  22. Can someone explain what exactly the outcome of this is? I’m not well versed in local town politics

  23. So I am an otp AP nunu player, I literally have to dodge if nunu is banned cause Idk any other jg champs. I don’t mind when owners take my camps after 10 minutes. With AP nunu as long as I connect my snowballs we win the gank after 20 mins. The snowball alone does usually a third of their hp(bot lane/mid, top is diff) and with E you have a second stun, if the gank goes horribly then you have R which slows them. With the dmg that AP nunu has, it’s hard to fail a gank as long as it’s timed right

  24. Oh yeah, the pain. Same with Nunu. These champ literally have 2 instant smites.

  25. As a nunu otp I die on the inside when I lose obj.

  26. Wait does this sub not think Jan 6 was an insurrection?

  27. Ooh I see, I didn't know that, I usually use both males and females because I thought it was a more generic term than Women and Men (Women and Men are referred mostly to adults I think) but I didn't know that, thank you! (Also, english isn't my main language so that's why I didn't know that)

  28. Heres a quick breakdown from an American on how gendered labels are used in daily conversation.

  29. Thank you for taking your time! I actually disn't know some of these so thank you!

  30. they keep crying about "tankies" as if greenandpleasant weren't just an annoying liberal cesspit at this point

  31. Is there like a leftist slang handbook I can read because I see a new term everyday and I’m tryna learn

  32. I mainly meant tankie, but I’ve seen a few other terms across the leftist subs and it feels like there’s an in group that knows the terms while there’s no resources to learn the terms

  33. This boy is an absolute menace. He got a walk only a Pimp and a villain could truly appreciate

  34. I wouldn’t dare a trans or bi person either…

  35. Well we know what kind of person you are siding with scum of the Earth. Also you can shove your unfounded racist insult up your ass.

  36. So you’re saying that black and brown people are the scum of the earth? That’s literally racism, it’s not unfounded

  37. I don't know if he would melt or not but the world would be a better place if this scumbag was thrown into a melting pot that's for sure. Edit Not sure how this comment got put up 4 times.

  38. both of yall wack, one of yall posted the same comment 4 times and the other one is racist

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