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  1. There is a housing 'shortage' everywhere. I live in Las Vegas and it's so hard to find available good apartments that aren't so rundown or have shootings every night. This lady just sounds like a bitter person and the fact that she brought up reporting you to the governor is just crazy talk and I would stay away from her and her family. I feel bad for people living in Florida with the waythings are going. Good luck to you

  2. I definitely feel for her on that. Miami has a lot of rough neighborhoods and the ones that are good are absurdly expensive. That's why I felt Orlando was a good choice and I did a lot of research before even applying here because it was in my budget, close to anything I could need, and it was safe for my dogs and I. As far as her reporting me to the governor, that's something I said she should do because I found her suggestion so absurd that I couldn't help but laugh.

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