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  1. What has that got to do with anything I mentioned, though? If you're not guaranteed those freedoms, it doesn't really matter what laws are made in the interim, you're just "lucky" to have it not be totally fucked vs systemically ensuring it

  2. lol like the US is different? take your delusions elsewhere, the US is like everyone else

  3. When firing arcs were a thing people used to place both weapons on one side of the land raider just so they could both fire at the same target. It penalises modelling in a way that just isn't fun.

  4. I'm told it's too complicated for modern 40k.

  5. well GW wants mass appeal, aka dumb it down and make it look like esports

  6. yep, IQ so low that apparently theres no benefit to having taxpayers work longer and faster, ffs the US is doomed.

  7. No I am not! As a healthy young person in my early 20s I shouldn’t have pay more to cover others who don’t take care of their bodies ( and we have lots of them in this country). I pay my own health care insurance but I m not willing pay more universal healthcare

  8. lol you idiots spend twice what the rest of us do for the same quality.

  9. Genuinely reconsidering getting a Dima (or 2 after sometime) but would it be better to prioritize the hierodule?

  10. scythed is better than barbed, non degrading flamer (-2AP and S6 with 3D6 hits melts MEQs) and 2 more hits in CC and 4'' more movement.

  11. on my couch, my paints are on a chessboard and i use $2 brushes, a kitchen knife and toe nail clippers (i paint ok despite that)

  12. It’s amusing that you automatically assumed I’m American, as I am not. And yes, I do hate the US for what they’ve done over the last sixty years. What’s your point here?

  13. i assumed you are American due to the mere fact that a majority of redditors are and most Americans have no issues with what America has done to the world, even going so far as to justify it while villifying China for doing far less of pretty much the same thing (if they cared they would not vote Dem or Rep, both parties have near identical foreign policy).

  14. You certainly live up to your name then. I could hardly be taken seriously as a moral objectivist if my ideals weren’t applied equally to all peoples, making exceptions or excuses is antithetical to my worldview. Have a lovely day.

  15. I don't see what the problem is. Bitcoin solves lots of problems:

  16. you forgot once gov/banks get in on it financial privacy will end, they will make their own, ban all other currency, limit the ledger and use it to end financial privacy and financially cripple 'bad' people.

  17. The fact that Labor will bring in a Federal ICAC is reason alone to just vote for them.

  18. how do you know? you actually trust a single word any politician says?

  19. Iron Snakes Company fought a battle in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade. Each Marine killed around 20k enemy soldiers.

  20. Does anyone else think Tzaangors are ugly and boring or is that just me?

  21. not just you, based of GW putting them in everything i think most people must think they are shit

  22. They all are. Around 500 points in every box so you can use them in, funnily enough, Combat Patrol games

  23. too bad they are horridly balanced in relation to each other, the Tsons box is terrible and would likely lose to all the others badly.

  24. Big oil is going to make America start a war with China before they let this become meaningful

  25. Maybe actually read the SCMP then. It's literally even owned by Alibaba right now.

  26. and? vast majority of US media is owned by billionaires, 3 of them, oh so different to gov ownership. ffs Westerners are stupid, media controlled in ether way is equally BS.

  27. "Saving the planet", Huh? Try "slowing down the increase in rate at which we're fucking up the planet". Get real.

  28. This. The capatilists rejected AR because it is more of a tool for the user and less of a means of control

  29. We have this, it's called by something else we've decided to shun.

  30. People who fall for that stuff were already a lost cause to begin with. Being scared of plebs with bad information shouldn’t be how we decide what should or shouldn’t be debated. We give them control when we think like this.

  31. It’s already possible to fully automate a McDonald’s, just not cost efficient. If cashiers keep demanding $20/hr to do simple tasks, it will become more and more cost efficient. It’s why we see the self order kiosks at most locations now.

  32. No they won't. They never do. They eat each other. The rich will bugger off wherever they want.

  33. some of the rich will bugger off, however they never all get away. but yes, the people will butcher each other too.

  34. I would argue that Maleceptors are one of if not the strongest non-character psykers.

  35. Mephiston has rewound time, stopped the hearts of a large group of enemies, and is just generally a psychic powerhouse. And he didn't need to sacrifice the souls of countless dead and potentially cripple several planets to do so

  36. and a single Maleceptor nearly killed him AND did kill 6 librarians that were with him (pre-primaris)

  37. hell they even eat necron metals, they have eaten an entire tomb world before (they avoid necrons because gauss ruins biomass, cant eat you own dead if they are disintegrated)

  38. less a secret more a 'use in case of existential crisis only' the life-eater virus, kills literally anything, even plague marines, like flies.

  39. That's a possibility, but not necessarily a guarantee. The galaxy may be a big place, but the universe is even bigger. While entirely possible that the necrons' technology is wholly unique to them; it's also entirely possible that the sort of technology they created similarly appears elsewhere in the universe; given it's vast size.

  40. all they have to do is attack whatever planet houses the life eater virus and its game over.

  41. According to page 11 of the 5th edition Tyranid Codex; hive fleet Behemoth veered away from the Tomb World; Solemnance. I don't have a copy on hand to verify the exact wording, but I was under the impression that it was because the amount of biomass they would collect wouldn't be worth the cost fighting the necrons.

  42. yeah cats really seem to like the paint water, must be tasty lol i have to keep mine away mostly.

  43. Please dont use a spray can in winter, you will end up with a shit job and mini with no details left

  44. i mean winter in England or north US is entirely different to winter in Australia, many days over 20C.

  45. I was once frisked by a cop and he had asked me if I had any sharp objects in my pockets, I said no not realizing I had a Ork sword wedged deep in there. I didn’t even know what to say when he held up a inch long plastic sword and said “well what is this!”

  46. when i was younger i tried to fly interstate with my Nids, turns out Carnifexs count as 'dangerous goods' due to their talons, had to stow them in baggage or lose them entirely.

  47. I find it both funny and sad that some people would rather believe in mystical reincarnation than the potential of technology in this context.

  48. This is how I think we will preserve people's consciousness and how people will love forever. Using tech that stores personality and robots that feel! What do YOU think?

  49. You're going to have a hard time convincing me that wedging has no effect on the target through an argument that has nothing to do with how wedging works.

  50. why would anyone vote for Labor? if you want right wing go Libs, if you want centrists go greens, labor have no identity other than 'not libs'

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