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  1. He’s not going to farm. He’s inflating land values to make it more expensive to own and operate neighboring farmland. He has land all throughout the US

  2. It makes sense this sub likes clarence thomas lmao 🤣 never fall for any politicians games. Ever.

  3. Pro-choice person here. We don’t like Clarence Thomas. We respect people’s right to choose. Good luck demanding a right to choose to be vaccinated now that you neo-cons took women’s rights away.

  4. Right to Choose.. what? Lol always the euphemisms and mental gymnastics and chicanery. Do you support a man’s right to Force? Well, the obvious response, is force what? That’s what matters. The right to choose, without saying what you’re choosing, is meaningless vapid nonsense. Gibberish. what you’re really saying is, you support people being able to dismember children alive inside their mother. But you don’t have the courage to say it. So you hide behind euphemisms like “right to choose” and “reproductive justice”. The pro live child dismemberment Camp does all they can to obfuscate the truth. Stop being a coward, and say what it is you support, stop hiding behind euphemisms. If you support children being ripped to pieces while they’re still alive inside of the womb, and then their parts sold to the highest bidder, have the fucking guts to come out and say it you coward

  5. Abortions haven’t only been around for the last 50 years. They’ve been a procedure people have done for ages. Archeologists have uncovered bone fragments alongside coat hangers that date back to 6,000 BC. They used coat hangers before Jesus. Imagine if they aborted Jesus, we wouldn’t have had all these Christians and Catholics running around.

  6. So will this become the argument as to why Covid continues to be around?

  7. SS: terrible truth. The weather becomes our enemy every September. Micro plastics have been in the news a lot lately, we had 2 years of fearing any virus. Now we have a new scientific explanation as to why viruses aren’t going away. Because the micro plastics

  8. Testing one person to conduct a study is asinine, so I elect my grandmother on this one to really get things accurate.

  9. Noooo! God no, please! Just go away. To all the old politicians, you’re done. Retire. Live out your lives on your yachts and excuse yourselves from further “public service”.

  10. All I want is to buy a somewhat reasonable price house :/

  11. Strange when the conspiracies come true that are biblical, you point them out and you are a “bible thumper”.

  12. One of the rules is not linking to subreddits. I guess it applies to banned ones as well.

  13. Since the end of WW2, there has been more deaths in the military NOT in combat compared to the ones KIA

  14. 2 imax showing in my local AMC today, 1:20pm 80% full when ordering my tickets 30 minutes ago.

  15. Tom is still a Scientologist trash bag. One wealthy trash bag I might add

  16. Jesus it was a throwaway comment at the gig after American Idiot due to 70,000 people going crazy e.g.

  17. I can't even click on his link he annoys me too much.

  18. His lisp. How does someone with such a prominent position have such a terrible lisp?!?!

  19. No shit. Why do you think its release was delayed for over a year? We need to see a relevant war to excite young people to join the military. Not just that, but the new Jurassic Park movie has elements of military propaganda.

  20. Legal abortions save lives. If we increase the amount of children growing up in poverty, it’s more expensive for everyone else. Crime will increase, more people living off government subsidies.

  21. I may be convinced that this missile was hijacked. THIS is true warfare, the combo of cyber warfare and munitions warfare

  22. Guess what, now no one gets body autonomy. Good luck with the next vaccine mandate battle

  23. Yeah that doesn’t make any sense. Which side would be the “down” that you are talking about?

  24. In history, humans have made progress. That’s up. Guess what down is.. it’s fucked up that you guys shrug it off like it doesn’t affect you.

  25. Pro choice sounds nice, but what choice? Are you pro murder? It's a hot button issue because it means two different things depending on how you define human life, and what type of value you place on it.

  26. You guys should watch the documentary called Janes. It gives you a tour of what underground abortions look like. We already have a shitty medical system, why fuck it up for women even further by jeopardizing their safety to choice. If you’re so pro choice about anti vax, you should be pro choice for women.

  27. Good luck arguing our idea of body autonomy since women just lost theirs. You conservative Jesus fucks suck balls and should find a good spot next to Justin Trudeau while everyone’s rights get taken away.

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