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  1. Yeah, I dunno. I blurred it slightly then added noise to match the grain from the photo. I think the white on the billboard is just too white.

  2. Lower the opacity, especially using the flow slider. Use more noise and blur, much more noise - monochromatic. And sometimes I'll use a bit of smudge tool to make it not so perfect, just barely.

  3. I know of a lot of Lars, but this is quite possibly the BEST Lars.

  4. Yeah, the other vids I've seen are impressive, but people are always saying it must have taken him a 1000 tries. Thus pretty much shuts down that narrative.

  5. I like how the last guy saw nothing was happening but still decided to walk away

  6. They look cute eh, but seriously they are smelly wee things… and one shat on me at Australia zoo

  7. There's a great Trump quote saying he would love to lose it all just to see who sticks around.

  8. Well, he seems to be heading in that direction, if that makes you feel better.

  9. Btw- Greg Abbott is a little piss baby. Just sayin'

  10. Well yes, but LD50 is used for a reason after all.

  11. Yes, to tell you where the center of the distribution is. But that doesn't tell you the SD of the distribution.

  12. Maybe I'm just a simpleton here, but why is that we as a nation believe that we cannot afford to:

  13. TSA will let you bring a ‘kidnapping kit’ but I can’t bring 10oz of Afro sheen…

  14. He could just put a 2.5 oz bottle of lube in there too and if they questioned the kit start screaming about being kink shamed.

  15. Well that's the most (only?) wholesome feelgood thing I've seen on Reddit forever. I don't want to know that killer whales are waiting below, or the scent of humans renders them outcasts, or this entire video is policial propaganda from the right/left-wing party of Iceland. Can't we all just enjoy a positive video for once?

  16. He may have colluded with Russia, and blackmailed the Ukrainians. Slept with Stormy too, and raped 837 women who never reported it - including a 13 year old child. Peed on Russian hookers and stole money from a Dutch bank. Add obstruction to a federal investigation, corruption, espionage and tax evasion to the list of things unproven.

  17. Funny, I doubt you were saying the same thing after the 3rd congressional investigation of Hillary, and fourth, and fifth...

  18. Or rooks and crows, depending on location.

  19. The full Earth would be significantly brighter, both because Earth has a higher average albedo than the Moon (it reflects more light) and it is much larger in the lunar sky than the Moon is in the terrestrial sky.

  20. I'm not sure if anyone has this data, especially since I'm not looking for a number but a relative luminosity, but I'm curious how bright it'd be. You can make your way around in the wilderness decently in a full moon, I'd assume full earth would be pretty damn bright.

  21. I wish she had agreed to wear it and then first question she takes it off and asks why that's such a problem for him. Not really her style but he would have likely acted like a baby on camera

  22. When politicians decide that going after political enemies with civil suits and criminal investigations is OK - we're just one step closer to an authoritarian/fascist government.

  23. There are people in prison for what trump has done too. Why didn’t Sessions pick up the case against Hillary? Maybe he had nothing? Maybe he’s incompetent? I dunno.

  24. “This investigation revealed that Donald Trump engaged in years of illegal conduct to inflate his net worth, to deceive banks and the people of the great state of New York,” James said at the news conference. “Claiming you have money that you do not have does not amount to the art of the deal. It’s the art of the steal.”

  25. Thanks for posting. But mods will be along shortly to remove the post and tell you it's not "explicitly about US politics". They've removed dozens of posts today on this topic, even the articles about how AOCs actions lead to the suit.

  26. They removed this article because it had a different headline but I'm nearly positive the Independent changed the headline after the article was posted.

  27. Yes, they changed the title, it used to be "AOC opened the door to the NY AG lawsuit..."

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