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  1. As a someone who is a sever and was a host, I would most definitely tip you out if you did that for me. As a host though, if I were doing that for servers and they didn’t pay me anything I would stop doing it unless they tipped me out. Yeah those customers might get mad, but you don’t have to go above and beyond when that’s the severs job. What are they even doing if you’re taking orders for them? I feel iffy when I don’t get to talk to the customers first and ask them about drinks, can’t imagine just fucking off and letting the busser do it for me. They can do better, don’t work for them for free. Just do what you’re paid to do hourly if they won’t give you a tip out.

  2. I once again went about and beyond, today!! Took drink orders, didn’t take food order thankfully. The server is mostly putting in food orders in; takes them awhile. But I don’t know why it takes them so long to put the orders in? Customers order usually around 6 things off the menu or less if they’re a couple.

  3. Sometimes it can be hard if you have a small staff, I’ve had days where I’ve had to wash dishes because we didn’t have a dishwasher come in that day but every single table is my responsibility and I’m not worried about it if have to take care of people first. If the order is complicated it might take a few minutes to put in, but 10? Idk how some people get away with stuff like that. Lol I’m almost mad for you the more I think about it. The owners are hopefully chill and reasonable and will help you, but best of luck out there

  4. The restaurant is very small. 9 tables I believe, and it’s never a packed house. Plate, cups and utensils are always all stocked, so the dish washing shouldn’t come to mind until there are no customers. The restaurant is usually dead and just has a lunch rush then rest of the shift ghost town. So I believe that’s when waitress should be doing back of house stuff or ask me to do it (?). Waitress mainly focuses on prep work more than customers. I’m sure I help with the tip just a little bit because I actually talk to the customers and etc.

  5. He finally has a real live girl. He's excited. He needs to understand consent. Both parties have to consent.

  6. I hate when people say move on. Lol just communicate it

  7. Do they message each other or see each other without you? If not, then it’s probably just nothing.

  8. No because they don’t know each other like that yet. But other friends say trust my instincts. But I’m trying to let it go

  9. I had a first date with this guy last year. He spent his 30th with me on our second date lol but yea if he didn’t want you there he should’ve told you. What did he say the reason was btw?

  10. Who know, you could be waiting around for all your life for the "wow" thing that never happens. Best to just be happy with what you have sometimes.

  11. Yes. If it bothers me to think of it every day, I would rather wait

  12. Totally agree with you. Depends how the bf is treating the daughter then speak. Doesn’t matter if he’s shy. He’ll hopefully eventually open up! If I were the mom, I’d make him get comfortable

  13. Dinner shouldn't be a first date idea. It's too much of a commitment to someone you don't even know if you would like to sit down with for hours.

  14. I like dinners. It’s never more than two hours though. Dinner and getting light drinks after has always been fine with me.

  15. Those kinds of dates are fine. The first comment was talking about FIRST dates specifically.

  16. Both. I’ve already proved myself and told them I have other offers. They told me we hope you say yes when leaving out the door. Doesn’t hurt to try just a dollar though!

  17. Asking for a dollar more when the wage is $19 isn’t going to make a change to the company lol

  18. I’ve lost friends over a tik tok video lol I didn’t think it was a big deal. It was just a regular girls night out. But I guess it was for them. I think it’s because the video was taken without their consent. But you live and you learn. Talk to you academic advisor or some like counselor! Good luck. Hopefully nothing too bad happens :0

  19. Thing is I didn’t film anyone, i filmed the blackboard website. Which is why I don’t think it’s such a large issue

  20. Oh, well. It showed name and photo. I think as a professor I’d be upset too, but wouldn’t call the department or anything! I think you should just sincerely apologize to her, so it won’t effect you in any way in the long run!

  21. lol thanks but not food. More like sentimental gifts as well

  22. bare in mind that is how we are wired, to many of us that is a sentimental gift and one that will be remembered for years to come. yes i am being serious.

  23. Forgot to mention we are dating! But thank you. I’d bring those as well.

  24. The answer to your question, can I come an hour later is no. That is why they didn’t respond. Go at the scheduled time or don’t go at all.

  25. Ok they reschedule and want me to come in still. Think they want to hire me.

  26. Ok, should I not follow up then? I was going to give the place a call. Seemed like they were interested in me. I just had other options at the time!

  27. That’s super cute. I get my bf flowers too on occasions because I asked him what’s equivalent to flowers. As well as house plants! He loves it.

  28. Talk to her. She’s probably afraid of losing you. Also take some time off. Hang out with friends. Hopefully she has friends and isn’t clingy when you’re out

  29. Aw, I'm so sorry that happened. People are be weird and petty. I know you're hurting right now, and it's ok to grieve this loss for a little bit. I'm glad you're not letting it make you a petty or vindictive person.

  30. Definitely petty and weird haha I know one of the girls got upset that we didn’t invite her to an event last time. But reason was bc she’d always reject it/always with her bf. And I said to invite her knowing she’d decline to include her. Anyways, I think that girl is the one who is making the rest petty. Petty since first time I met her! Haha but it’s all good. I don’t think I’ll invite them to any events of mine moving forward, unfortunately. I’ll just make new friends. I don’t need friends that’ll just drop me like that. And I introduced them. Thank you for listening to my venting! Appreciate it.

  31. Always nice when the trash takes itself out.

  32. So one of the girls actually replied to my Instagram story, but that’s it. Seen them hanging out again for the girls birthday without me. So I won’t reach out to them again because they obviously don’t want me a part of their circle anymore. Which is sad because I made the circle. It’s ok! I’ll just wish them a happy birthday and nothing more.

  33. I think being attractive makes it easier and easier for guys you want to like you back? But 33 and no longer youthful looking?? Skincare bbgirl and consume healthy foods. I am turning 30 and look young and people say I’m still young.

  34. Dancing terrible and having fun!! Also practice and dance with friends to get better. I used to be a bad dancer and just stand there. No one really pays attention though.

  35. A lot! Basically first appearance. I have a type and I automatically swipe left if they’re not, unfortunately. We all have a a type/preferences tho

  36. Be honest, well honest enough, just explain you had a massive unexpected bill come up and you don’t have as much money as you normally would but you still definitely want to catch up. Would a coffee date be ok until you get ahead again.

  37. I actually don’t like the unexpected bill part. Just take her or tell her to get coffee or dessert and walk around the park. I wouldn’t want the guy I’m dating (if he’s around 25 and up) to tell me that lol I wouldn’t want to date a broke guy no offense! Because get your money up before dating!!// work on yourself first.

  38. It’s not your fault or responsibility of her feelings lol she friend zoned you!

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