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  1. Took 20 mins to add slow-motion? Lol

  2. I'd love to do a Zombie RP! My discord is p0fuduk#0001 if you wanna try it with me!

  3. Only the 1000th time I heard "Warzone is officially broken"

  4. Was it working before? If so, is your date and time correct after boot?

  5. I'm not completely sure as I bought it from someone else they said the drive is around 3-5 years old and they gamed on it for about a year they mentioned that they'd have to constantly restart the pc to get it to go into windows which was a sign of the drive failing I'm guessing

  6. Barter system… whatever two parties agree to is the price. I give you a can of chili, you give me 6 shotgun shells; for example.

  7. Like the sound of this, I was mostly thinking of fall out and other games though having a post apocalyptic currency love this idea though might use it

  8. Unless it got buffed. I remember buying it cause it was cool just got 1 RPG to instantly kill it

  9. Totally possible, though I only know Avast is confirmed to not like PZ, outright blocking any connections to any server, I am not sure about McAfee but it is possible.

  10. We're gonna try It here soon. Hopefully It'll fix it

  11. Issue was one of the steam workshop files I guess. He had to delete a file with a bunch of numbers in steam/steamapps/workshop or whatever it is and it fixed his game

  12. I thought dude came out naked hanging by his foot

  13. yes sir ill be uploading them all, currently working on part 6 and once i have 2-9 they will all go up at the same time. assuming that no1 minds that i have no entrances or custom move set yet. they are a mix between undertaker and kane but that was temporary

  14. Their move sets would mostly consist of chokehold slams, body throws etc

  15. It wasn't just a funny username...

  16. This is fake if anyone is wondering

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