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  1. I've had more than that unable to be used before 1944.

  2. Do you think the Deep actually communicates with sea creatures, or is it more like he’s such a sad case he controls them and deluded himself that they all want to shag him? Like a more gross version of Eric Cartman and his stuffed animals?

  3. He mentions hearing lobsters in tanks at restaurants and having trauma from it.

  4. Yeah, but just because he believes he’s hearing voices from the fish doesn’t mean he is, no matter how distressing they are. Even the flight recorder could mean he instructs them to fetch it rather than that they’ve given him new information

  5. I get what you're getting at, and it's totally a possibility but I think the information he's received from fish has been too detailed to be delusions, I think it's implied that he really can hear the fish speak.

  6. You could see this in the hand to hand Homelander had with Butcher in the latest ep. Once the strength playing field had been evened Butcher was just playing with Homelander in that fist fight. The problem Butcher has is the reverse, he can't control some of his Supe benefits that well (laser eyes being one of them). Homelander has more experience in this area.

  7. That was my favorite aspect of the fight, Butcher trading blows with Homelander, huge bloody smile on his face. Butcher's been in plenty of scraps and knows how to take a beating, and dish one out.

  8. Germany having issues with supply of fuel?

  9. Man, that episode SLAPS, I did not expect to see an episode that was true to the comics. I wouldn't mind seeing more of the "comic-verse" in animated form.

  10. Let's hope Diabolical gets a season 2, because IMO all those shorts were good, but that one and the Shit one are the best in my opinion.

  11. When it comes to global warming, there are two issues: is there such a thing as the greenhouse gas effect, the answer is yes. Is that something that is going to dramatically reshape our world? There is no evidence to show that it will. Is that something that we can stop? There is no evidence to show that we can

  12. I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

  13. Yea, that's how it works. You want a STEM degree from a decent university? You take their math. Better that than bridges and buildings collapsing, and planes falling out of the sky...

  14. I see mistakes on design drawings that could cause failures in electrical systems frequently, no amount of education is going to help that. Electrical Engineers are really good at math, but most of the ones I work with really have trouble knowing where a particular wire should be landed on a particular device.

  15. OP was arguing with me until you said the same thing as me, what a joke

  16. This guy definitely didn't say the same thing as you lmao

  17. Buying workshops and caravans is how you build your passive income and should be your early game focus, that is what he said and what I said.

  18. Nah, this guy said that workshops and etc could use a buff.

  19. Yeah, but I guarantee you there are way more people that know It Wasn't Me than people that know who Olivia Rodrigo even is.

  20. Soo, where do you sleep? Homelessness is criminalized in so many places this seems Really hard to do.

  21. I quite like the idea of having capes awarded for various reasons, but it used to be really hard to get them. Used to be just developers, then if you went to minecon you got one, and now all you need to do is port your account to Microsoft.

  22. Right? I remember playing alpha minecraft all the time, remember when instead of biomes, we just had the whole world being the same thing?

  23. If you eat a live one (or maybe it’s only squid) you can literally end up with baby octopuses inseminated into your mouth

  24. Your article literally says that they are not baby squid. It is unfertilized squid sperm. Lady got a mouthful of squid jizz.

  25. This is where I disagree with many people in this sub. Homelander is not a psychopath. He's badly damaged and craves love.

  26. If that last episode of The Boys Diabolical is to be considered canon to the series, I think you're absolutely right.

  27. It honestly lines up just fine for me. He's in a low place and has never felt more impotent. He keeps desperately trying to do the right thing and getting completely fucked for it. He always has to be saved. He feels totally useless, and he's absolutely pissed about it.

  28. Remember what he told MM after blowing up Translucent? He liked having that power in his hands. The foreshadowing is all there

  29. Is Maeve supposed to be a vegetarian or is that just Vought stereotyping? Cause it seemed like all the stuff themed around her they make is vegan/meatless.

  30. Definitely stereotyping. They made a huge show of Maeve being gay, as a way of making tons of money from exploiting that market.

  31. They seem to be white from their posts, I'm guessing it's just another racist trying to "make a point"

  32. Unfortunately that's what happens when the mods stop having to manually review every comment.

  33. 30C? That's like 80 degrees farenheit, man!!

  34. These lights are not super cheap. I pay around $50 for a string of led temp lights. If someone drywalls it in, I’m cutting a few circles to get it out. This is pure laziness. It takes 3 minutes to move your lights as needed. It was more difficult to drywall around that cord than it was to move the lights. Someone must’ve had a bad case of aloha Friday.

  35. I get where you're coming from, but also consider a project where your budget is over 10 million dollars. It may be worth more money to not move your manpower to go save $50 worth of lights if it means that when they leave that day, they complete a milestone you can begin invoicing for.

  36. How do you do the spoilers greyed out thing? I’ve asked that question here a bunch and no one has yet to answer it.

  37. It's part of the markdown formatting if you're on mobile or old reddit

  38. I guess you win when all the other kingdoms are no more.

  39. I had this happen playing Perisno, I ended up taking over the kingdom far southwest. I led a campaign hunting down and capturing all the lords and got them all save for their king. For the next 60 to 70 days in game, their king was nowhere to be found (seriously, I got fed up and cheated all over the map looking for him). One day I just get the popup that their kingdom is no more.

  40. England should be far enough right? When I played Ireland I got them against me all the time.

  41. As England is only one sea tile away from Ireland, I don't think that is possible as it is too close.

  42. Mate if you cant afford bannerlord theres other things you need to worry about

  43. Nah man he could be a broke college student, nothing wrong with not having the money to spend on something, dawg

  44. I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

  45. Ben Shapiro's sister has massive titties

  46. I played Warsword years ago. Magic had not been implemented. I remember it being rather bare bones and just running around fighting basically bandits. Has the mod come a long way? Is it in a polished state with a lot to do? And does it feel “Warhammer-y”?

  47. I currently have a run of the mod going right now.

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