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  1. No joke this could be an actual issue with a Polar printer.

  2. delete "%appdata%/cura" folder, maybe something wrong with your configs.

  3. Silk Filaments contain an Elastomer that gives the shine but makes it more brittle. As long as theres no actual particles in your filament theres no metal.

  4. This would be like banning donut related posts from

  5. Imagine not allowing posts where the default cube is deleted

  6. ...why is this post distinguished? Are you speaking as moderator here?

  7. Huh didnt intend to. Thanks for noticing

  8. I had a stepper driver DIP slot free on my printer, so having individually driven Z rods is a breeze. Auto align before each print.

  9. The thing is it’s already pushed far up the tube. Now I’m just scared

  10. Pull the other side off by compressong the ring and push the far one all the way through.

  11. Thank you, I do use 205/60 normally, and 20 mm/s for first layer but I was trying to fix this. I AM normally able to print fine, but from time to time I'm just getting this and I have no idea why.

  12. No probe_calibrate calibrates your 0 point, no offset. You should use a single sheet and then go until you cant push it anymore only pulls, so quite some force. Then you print something and change in 0.01 steps during printing until it looks good, remember your printing offset and add that to your save config sections value. Thr higher the saved value the more it goes down.

  13. Use more walls, your infill is coming through.

  14. If you need to print out of it, so if you print Nylon, an Eibos Cyclopes or Sunlu S2 will be your best option. If not, get a 10$ dehydrator. Simple as that.

  15. As in printable area of 320x320 or actual surface?

  16. Learn how to properly orient parts on a resin printer. You want to always go from big to small layers to keep suction forces towards the FEP smaller than bed adhesion.

  17. Doesnt matter. They are both essentially just resistors.

  18. Well first of all check if you have an absolute or relative error. Print two different length things and check how far off they are.

  19. Pheatus Dragonfly because it was cheap for a premium hotend

  20. 50 walls 100 infill with 3k acceleration, so I'd say medium mundane. Have had one clog because my stupid ass thought the bowden tube only goes inside the top and I was not pushing it in all the way.

  21. Name a better match than A8s and House Fires.

  22. I need to take the wheel off my car to change the headlights

  23. Plot them with OpenSCAD and give em thickness.

  24. Sharing Copyrighted Material that is sold at a cost is against Reddits Terms of Service.

  25. That’s not what he did.. he said he was inspired by it and remade a similar design lol.

  26. Well thats not really clear by the description and all the reports this has gotten indicate that other people thought the same. Either way, it could still be seen as either still breaking copyright as plagiarism/direct copy or just simply a "dick move". Either way, I haven't removed the comment, that was an excessive amount of reports...

  27. You have horizontal expansion set to a very high negative number and it shrinks your part substantially it seems.

  28. High strength as in...? The best regarded standard belts are probably Gates GT2 Powergrip.

  29. At a PEI sheet after first print, the print is the white thingy in the upper corner.

  30. Well then you were way too close there. Looks like you ground that into the PEI sheet. Textured PEI is also preferred for ABS but because ABS shouldnt really stick good enough to smooth, so definitely way too close.

  31. But how would I measure the underextrusion in that test? I don't have a scale to weight the blobs(I'm assuming that's what he does). I'm not looking for actual underextrusion numbers, I'm looking for when it gets bad enough that I can't print at those flow rates.

  32. Then a big cube in vase mode will also do.

  33. Exactly. tuning_tower if you have klipper or multiple cura change at z if you dont.

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