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  1. Thank you so much for the detailed answer!!

  2. Had to repost because the older title was considered a reaction.

  3. For anyone interested, here is the episode :

  4. I know nobody cares, but the end-game accolades are completely bugged.

  5. Let's jump in : Hollow Knight for me my good sir!


  7. Me neither! I actually saw that on the latest launcher update release notes :

  8. My pleasure! Save a few clicks, save a life.

  9. They partially fixed it. The bug still happens when a player is leaning while vaulting. I made a post a while back about this :

  10. Too bad your post wasn't noticed at all. Have my upvote!

  11. It's been a while, but I am pretty sure I did yes.

  12. Vault animation isn't really fixed either. So many times I see people vault and they're looking straight forward on my screen.

  13. I actually made a post about this. The vaulting animation only works if the vaulting player is not leaning when vaulting.

  14. Vaulting players face wrong direction for others when they are leaning (comparison GIF w/ and w/o leaning)

  15. Is the basics not supposed to work yet?

  16. Everything is going to work only in an hour ;)

  17. Wait, I'm still in Velvet Shell, what's going on here

  18. Nothing is coming tomorrow Ubisoft lied to us phase 1 is implemented at a different date.

  19. Yes. Patch 2.0 tomorrow is only for rank reset and in-game background changes.

  20. Oh interesting. I thought 2.2.0 would include a patch. I must have misread what Epi said in a comment.

  21. Here is what Epi said today regarding this :

  22. I'm not 100% if the patch is actually live, I think we may have been clickbaited by Ubisoft...

  23. Indeed, the next season starts tomorrow. And there is no bug fixes tomorrow.

  24. Alpha packs were confirmed not dropping with operation health last I heard

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