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  1. Thank you! I'm from the UK and this isn't part of the school curriculum over here. I've ordered a copy of the novel.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I've started it now (about 1/4 through) and will keep you updated!

  3. Going to do it now! Will you do mine as well? Also Academic - mental health counseling

  4. Absolutely. I will do so later today. Thank you for participating.

  5. Of Mice and Men. I thought it would be stupid but I cried at the end.

  6. Completely agree. I had to read Of Mice Men alongside watching the movie. Both were fantastic.

  7. I loved the Count of Monte Cristo too. It's been decades, that's one I need to read again. It's time.

  8. Make sure to read the Robin Buss translation. It is the most popular translation of the book (for very good reason) and pretty recent.

  9. I do on my laptop if I’m forced to use YouTube for college, otherwise I only use my phone; which unfortunately won’t let me disable them.

  10. Only possible on Android phones. I have an iPhone which I would need to jailbreak to get Vanced, unless something changed.

  11. Because they think being an educator ranks them higher than the ordinary person. Sadly many college educated people think that way.

  12. You’re completely right. They see themselves as something of an authority and believe they can do anything.

  13. I personally prefer it by a lot. It’s a lot easier to use. It used to be I had to force myself to use the incredibly laggy search bar to find something - now I can find what I need within seconds. Much better.

  14. I only really enjoy reading classic books. After I finished the few modern books I liked, I couldn’t find anything that scratched that itch of reading. The Witcher series sucked, Hobbit was decent (Hobbit is also a really good classic book but it’s clearly aimed at children), The Revenant was good but the ending was extremely anti-climactic… I started reading a bit older literature and it was so much better, The Three Musketeers, The Count of Monte Cristo, The Great Gatsby, etc…

  15. No judgement from me - there are examples of fiction which I can consume and objectively agree are well written, but are in genres I simply don't get any subjective entertainment from.

  16. Not yet! I took a bit of a break from reading novels and recently finished the entire Tokyo Ghoul manga (which I heavily recommend), but I only just started novels again. I’m reading through The Great Gatsby at this moment.

  17. When I'm looking for definitions in addition to my textbooks (frequently) I consult the APA dictionary and SAGE also has good definitions. Both are online.

  18. Somehow, I completely forgot I own a Psychology Dictionary…

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