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  1. Beatings will continue untill he will get better

  2. Will, please come and hit me so I forget this fucking vid

  3. I always appreciate insight and clarity. Titles and comments obscure some many crucial things. Have a great day.

  4. I don’t think it’s been forgotten at all, given that I feel like I see Bioshock Infinite retrospectives all the time. I think what actually killed discussion about the game was that the discussions around the game became kind of exhausting. Due to all the praise the game got at release and for a time after, there was a huge amount of backlash with people trying to make a point to find every conceivable hole and/or flaw in the game possible. This of course lead people to either treat the game as a masterpiece or call it trash, with not much in-between.

  5. While I dislike this one, there is hardly any reason to label it as a thrash. Probably ppl that played it as standalone without looking at trailers would give it better score than Bioshock fans that were waiting for years to get product different from what was advertised. Was game solid? Maybe. But I hardly remember good parts while keeping bad ones almost as fresh as the day they were played. I know it's unfair but what can you do. For fans like me B.infinity was just disappointing mess.

  6. Tomek Bagiński? A surprise but a welcome one.

  7. Seriously, I was blown away by honesty and insight. Happy to see that in game dev, always a good sign.

  8. Speaking frankly tho, a AI writer could do wonders in sidequests histories, they could feed the main storyline, and ask for side quests somewhat related to the main, so they can focus on the main ones, while the AI do the mediocre ones and i think it can actually improve it

  9. You need some quality input first. You can't simply feed it shit and expect gold. And you can't really take other companies data and use it to train it. Seems like this info is more for investors than players because I doubt AI is able to entertain us in meaningful way right now.

  10. no, they just need to use one of the already available tools out there

  11. Chat gpt isn't universal tool for everything, you will need other models for different jobs. Also they literally say in the promo material that they will train it by themselves. Saved time and money rarely goes for ppl/teams that actually needs it. In corporation like this they will probably cut ppl and keep output with same, medicore quality they are known for. Also if I understand it correctly, they will use same tool for all of their future games?

  12. If it was 10 or 15, probably. At 50% there might be sharp drop because you have a lot, and I mean A LOT more games to compete and ppl feel more entitled to patches, updates, general quality an so on.

  13. Damn you are a douchy one. Dunno if there is any point in discussing this topic with someone who only attacks. Grow up and learn how to talk with ppl.

  14. Its not that Im expecting an average or a bad game, its that those words mean nothing at this point.

  15. It's typical corpo gibberish. Like they could not tell us something honest. Wish them all the best because they are from my country and a lot of devs eventually struck gold after medicore titles but overhyping from day 1 rarely ends well.

  16. Well yea she may be a 6 hitter but at +0 it's like a wet noodle. Man, HoR only unit is ruff stuff for ignition. Wish you luck. Also she is very good despite fairly low tier.

  17. In “either way” I mean, it would not receive official Russian VO but Russian dub studios would make it in a couple of months after release.

  18. I wonder if studio will include some anti Russia/war/propaganda messages up to the point game might be banned in Russia altogether. One of the devs was killed during the invasion.

  19. If someone sells stolen assets on the epic store, I'm pretty sure they're not that dumb to label it as: "STOLEN ANIMATIONS FROM ELDEN RING".

  20. Do you really think game developer that took this assets to create soulsborne game didn't know that they are somewhat familiar? I could argue about some different genres but one that took it's name from those two particular games? Also there are comments there. Too lazy to check but if some random players found it out, actual devs that need to study those things would do it faster and more accurate.

  21. Yes I think that. I've played Elden Ring and I wouldn't be able to tell it without a direct comparison. A lot of animations could look quite similar aka. inspired by souls.

  22. Your assumptions are even more random than mine. Telling me that devs didn't play ER or DS games and don't look at animations.

  23. They have been on a military upgrading spree for a decade now. They have been building more and more for years and militarized the reefs and islands they just took. Jesus they have military parades in between NKs parades almost monthly. They copy many western designes as an admittance they have very little skill in this area. And as they do this, they are offended that Australia should dare to decide just yesterday to purchase 5 nuclear subs and build more later and say Australia is causing an arms race. Um hello, China has bolted long ago.

  24. In last few years I saw countless post on Reddit about almost sci-fi projects that China either planned or started and not single one where those actually got fulfilled. Alright maybe that amazing face recognition software but you know it's more point for dystopy.

  25. Assessing a country's development is a lot more complicated than just looking at a handful of anecdotal articles on individual development projects though.

  26. I mean I agree with most of your point but we haven't touched rotten parts all too much. And there are a lot.

  27. That literally happened on the last game. On the entire franchise he was not treated as cartoonishly evil as he was in that game.

  28. What about T4 attack where he clearly enjoyed murdering every single commando in self defence and beating last one (defenceless) to death with fists just to send his daddy a message?

  29. I am not blaming no one, but not evil ppl tend to do things differently. He didn't have to kill all of them they were just pointless goons. Also we can argue that at that point they were not real threat to him anyway. Dude is only smiling when he brings misery and pain to his family and opponents. I have yet to see any actual info why he isn't evil in your eyes.

  30. It had engaging premise and world building, incredible start and solid middle but that's all for me. Later parts were a bit too childish and forced. It's always irritating when smart characters devolve into dumb and careless ones just to push narrative. Still rooting for S2 someday because show has a lot of potential and actors were enjoyable to watch.

  31. I still don't understand why people bitch about cosmetic microtransactions in games. It's a good way for developers to generate revenue without affecting game for non-paying players

  32. I used to think like you until I saw legendary armors in Black Desert that looked like devs deliberately made them look really f ugly

  33. How has any of that changed your mind from "without affecting game for non-paying players"?

  34. Oh I just don't play if the game is too predatory or simply pay for skins mostly on discounts. Then again if I play any game for about 100h + paying for something 20-30$ seems fair.

  35. I wish Stardew Valley inspired Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons to do better.

  36. Oh so you want supergiant games to do farming game lol.

  37. Also no paid dlc and free updates, listening to community for QoL improvements. Coming back again and again despite living this game for 5 years straight.

  38. I want to be honest. The game looks killer, it is like the actual sequel to Diablo 2 I always wanted, but given Blizz's track I will not even consider preorder for a second.

  39. The issue is, devs learned that they can cut micros(or tone them down), wait for reviews and then reapply them.

  40. Op likes to stir shitpot for updoots. The thing is Reddit is actually very tamed. Old internet forums were absolutely disgusting when 2 or more turbo nolife nerds dished it out in battle of quotes systematically dismantling every post sentence by sentence.

  41. I've been playing Fallout 3, and Dogmeat died. I was fighting super mutants, and I got the notification. I couldn't find his body. : (

  42. There used to be a bug in one of f3 dlc where dogmeat hp was buffed to an insane lvl. He could easily survive nuclear blast and was almost immortal. No one had any problems with that lol.

  43. But why? Only 1 good unit there and rewards are medicore. Ragna is in 2 days with nice support.

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