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I have a problem with most EVs coming out.

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  1. Or you can just, retire. None of the benefits, but you drop level.

  2. The only advice I can give us to apply and give yourself and option. I don't think you can overqualify with the state, if you meet the listed requirements, you're clear to apply. If you interview, ask specific questions. If they offer you a job, make sure all your questions have acceptable answers before accepting.

  3. While I doubt he would or could do this, a phone which works on Starlink only would make sense for him to do.

  4. Wait, if they won't follow orders, it might be shiny? Can you make them kill it anyway?

  5. It won't evolve if you're using auto battle, only thing I can think of.

  6. Ok, I didn't know that. Is that a general rule? I thought I had things level from auto battle.

  7. You can level from auto battles, but to evolve you'll have to level up using exp items or participate in a traditional battle. You won't learn moves or evolve from auto battles. If you level up a pokemon and they'd "learn" a move there, I believe you'd have to go into the summary screen and remember it.

  8. This sub has guides for making your deck. Unfortunately GH has some cards that look good but aren't, or you need a specific x card to interact with a later Y for best results.

  9. Yeah to each their own. I’d never look at a guide ahead of time, the whole fun for me is figuring it out and going with my strategy. Also I’ve read a few guides I think are blatantly wrong lol which doesn’t help either.

  10. Yeah, it is a real issue for me that there are bad cards in GH. My understanding is it is more balanced in FH.

  11. Just on fyi, forgotten circles is pretty much a different game. Expect something totally different.

  12. Nah, those are his lawyers. He is just whining to them to make it go away.

  13. Did you like JotL? If you liked that, your should enjoy GH, but it is a bit tougher and much more complex.

  14. You’re probably poking fun at OP for the typo, but the Niro EV didn’t exist 20 years ago.

  15. I just evolved it to progress the research, o assumed you could switch between the forms.

  16. Man, I want an EV with roll down windows. Peak tech.

  17. I don’t understand the hype with Teds. There. I said it.

  18. One of the party members has analysis paralysis every round, he takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes to pick 2 cards and then says I’m gonna do this guys, then the other guy says ok I’m doing that, then we flip the monster and they go “oh no” wait I wanna play this instead. And also a lot of the times the party is general just starts crying over not being able to do their battle goals and prioritizes them too much

  19. Also since I prefer 0 regen over the "1" setting, I also have to set that every time I start the car also

  20. I leave it at 1 so I never noticed that. Ugh. I've considered leaving it at 0 and in sport, but that all sounds irritating. Might try it on spring.

  21. Yeah, I pretty much had the same revelation. I spent the past 20 years of driving seeking the smallest most fuel efficient car. I got this, felt bad I got such a big cars, put it on eco and <<<. After charging at twice in realized in 0< and sport it was still cleaner then any car I have ever driven, tried sport and it was so much fun to drive.

  22. There is a digital sub, just most people post here anyway.

  23. Crypto currency like I’ve watched so many YouTube videos and docs and still I really just don’t understand it nor do I trust it

  24. Its monopoly money people pretend is real because it lets them commit crimes.

  25. Most food comes in a squeeze pouch. So they eat a lot of food like a capri sun drink.

  26. I have one, and honestly, I viewed it as a negative when buying my house. We live in Southern California and my dad didn’t get why I thought it was a negative. Who tf even needs a fireplace in SoCal? We’ve literally never used it in 2.5 years

  27. I've heard stories of ppl who have a fire place in texas, which is weird there.

  28. Those are rookie numbers! Come on Republicans! Pump those numbers up!!

  29. They don't. Children do. Unfortunately some of those children are adult sized.

  30. Sectumsempra. Technically it isn’t well known and is also a curse, but that’s what makes it so dangerous. There is one singular person who knows the cure — If it got released and began being used wide-spread, there would be a spike in both painful and incredibly gruesome deaths, with no way to reverse it.

  31. Was the cure specifically a counter to that spell? For all we know that is just a healing spell. Or did I miss something?

  32. The spell that was used is called Vulnera Sanentur. It's a charm used to stop blood flow and heal wounds. I don't think Snape actually invented that spell and is more widely known. I have a tattoo of that spell on my arm so I've done a little bit of research into it

  33. Ok, so I am right, it is a healing spell unrelated to his curse that harry used.

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