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Well I found out my wife is cheating on me from my 11 year old daughter. She was texting him like this with my daughter in the back of the car. She took this picture and was completely grossed out, to say the least. I'm pissed more about my daughter seeing this than her cheating.

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  1. If you got it, flaunt it. We only live once so why not?

  2. More 🧢. I never once asked for any advice. I gave advice. Masters teach students.

  3. Your advice was apparently really solid. Especially since it’s been removed. Really solid advice their cabrón. 😂

  4. Just because a smoothbrain such as yourself can't comprehend it, doesn't mean it isn't solid, cabrón.

  5. Well apparently more people wasn’t fucking with your infinite and other worldly logos. Doesn’t mean you’re wrong. I’m sure there are some fellow dorks who are just eating up your dribble.

  6. I wouldn’t ghost you, but I don’t mess with virgins. Not my thing.

  7. You’re a doof for trying to pressure anyone into anything they aren’t comfortable with.

  8. Be tall, attractive, charismatic, funny, confident, have a good taste in music, good style, and a lot of practice.

  9. Well, who tf wants to be with someone who has to outright pay for another human to touch them. That’s not sexy. I have found women like men who attract other women. Not desperately pay one to do the job for them.

  10. That an interesting point. But when you think about when people go on date, isn't an exchange of resources?

  11. This isn’t comparable. Me going to spend time and exchange gifts with my family.

  12. Yo if you aren’t comfortable with it you need to directly communicate such. Don’t do something that you’ll regret and fuck up the relationship.

  13. I always like to put a timb print on the hood of cars who wish to be part of the side walk.

  14. Which also shocks me his obsession to have unprotected sex and get me pregnant. Like what if I allowed him and that happened, what would he win out of it?

  15. I don’t like women to have opinions and outlook on life either. What do they think they are people? Bah!

  16. The pussy got some power don judge me.

  17. Dude you’ve got to cut it off cold turkey. Take it from me, it’s very hard to move on and progress when you think you’ve still got someone else in the background. The older I get the more I realize time is such a valuable asset. Don’t waste it being halfway with someone.

  18. Nah we see other people we just have really good sexual chemistry.

  19. lol. At 23 I was hoping there were tricks up the sleeve… but I was disappointed. 😅 Honestly, most men that age may have had some sexual experiences, but it doesn’t mean they’re skilled!

  20. I guess I was just a sl*t then lmao 😂

  21. “Come eat this 🐱 from the back” has always got me to go over to a girls house.

  22. Nah you’re a mammal. Give yourself a break. If the temptation wasn’t there then being loyal to a partner wouldn’t mean anything.

  23. You shouldn’t have to convince someone to date you.

  24. If he posted this, that’s actually funny af

  25. Yeah federal background checks for every loaf of bread.

  26. It’s a good way to increase your heart rate.

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