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Former judge Mark Ciavarella sent thousands of kids to jail while accepting millions in kickbacks from for-profit prisons in a cash-for-kids scandal.

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  1. I would be upset if my G&T was in the holder.

  2. Off the board: Sun Mountain Sync has a molded bottom that fits in to the base of the Sun Mountain push carts like a puzzle piece. I don’t know why all push carts and bags aren’t like that.

  3. I love the sync. I ride at least once a week. Walk the rest.

  4. I picked up my MacGregor blades in near new condition at a garage sale for $30. They’re about 35 years old. The chrome plating has started to wear off on the shorter irons.

  5. Yes, fitted. 4-6 X forged and 7-PW muscle backs.

  6. I tend to hit down on the ball with a big divot. As I get older I should probably start trying to pick the ball more.

  7. Green mountain national, VT. Beautiful!

  8. Yup, the split set works for me. 4-6 x-forged and 7-p mb 18.

  9. I meant to say “mafia” I’ve been walking nine about four times a week. What a difference than carrying.

  10. I played about a 1/2 season with the rogue x. Too big and chunky. First new set I ever bought. Went back to my 20 yo Taylor made 200’s. Just bought callaway mb 18’s. Love them.

  11. Awesome! We played there last year. Check out brauterholt.

  12. I used to play a course that had a huge oak in the middle of the fairway. One of the founders planted it. We always complained about it but the course wouldn’t even trim it back. It was struck by lightning one day. We had a huge party. Then they planted another small one. 🙄

  13. I play with Taylor made 200’s I got fitted for them in 2002. I bought a new set of rouge X last year. Played them for the season. I play my old Taylor Mades now and could not be happier. kalso

  14. Looks like more people are at the pro am than pumpkin ridge.

  15. I was looking at tickets for Montreal and it was like 1000 per person for awful seats. You could not buy single day tickets, had to buy the entire weekend. Would cost me 3k to bring my family and that doesn’t include hotel and food.

  16. I know, I’ve been going to Montreal for the last eight years. I’ve ended up buying tickets on stub hub, or something similar. I live about 2 hours away, my son and I have been going on Saturday for qualifying then going home to watch the race on tv.

  17. Have you seen prices skyrocket and availability decrease the past 5 years?

  18. Yes for sure. It’s a great track!

  19. Same thing happened to me, I didn’t even know there was a “please clean” option.

  20. Whatever you do. Make sure that ghosting this piece of shit is first on your list. I have a friend who stuck with the same asshole for twenty-five years. It only gets worse and now she feels like she wasted her entire existence. It will only hurt for a little while. Six months from now you will be stronger and have more world experience than you could possibly imagine. Your next relationship will be eons better because you will know the red flags. Please leave him.

  21. Yup, I was married 22years, two kids, kids are grown and I’m out. She is with her college boyfriend that she kept in touch with the whole time we were married.

  22. America need to stop with the privatized prisons, jails are not a business.

  23. It was still recovering by the Boeing bust in the 70s, but Seattle and the pnw was great back then…

  24. Last one to leave Seattle, please turn off the lights.

  25. My girlfriend calls him “tattle spice”

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