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  1. i'm 6'7" and 285 lbs, my buddy is 5'5" and 145lbs

  2. They also DON’T vote for the party of greed, hatred, bigotry and intolerance. Odd isn’t it, the ones with the monopoly on morality (and patriotism) are the ones with the shittiest behavior. In their terms the most sinful.

  3. I hate it when people seemingly try to deliberately misunderstand me. Like when I speak about how doing something is immoral, and someone interprets it as if I want that thing legally banned etc, confusing ethics with the law just to have someone to be angry at. Or when I advocate for a certain thing, and people interpret it as me advocating against another thing, even though I never said I advocated against something. In general, I really hate people who twist my words to mean something else just so that they can feel superior or push their own agenda. Like how about we find some middle ground? But no, some people are hellbent on misreading just so that they can appear as if their opinion is superior and that they are right, instead of trying to understand what is actually meant or intended by what is said.

  4. reddit especially seems to made up primarily of people who extrapolate in bad faith

  5. yeah, i see this "they're using to mean figurative - it's ironic" argument all the time - yet i never see it in practice

  6. too young for this old fart, the Icelandic PM is more my age/type (that is to say infinitely more intelligent & capable than myself)

  7. this is a tragic story, an unthinkable crime, and i cannot imagine what the family is going through

  8. sorry, but since you're a writer it's past (passed is past tense for pass)

  9. with due respect, i grew up in LA in the 80s and that dialect (with the upspeak/HRT-speech and "lit-ruh-lay" which was mostly found in San Fernando Valley - a.k.a. "the valley" - and was mocked mercilessly most everywhere else) seems to be more prevalent now if anything

  10. skating/bmx, Vans, feathered hair and apathy...or whatever

  11. there was a time when local cops might take up a collection to see if they might help the poor woman

  12. I thought the Kathy Griffin/Trump’s head thing was overblown

  13. especially considering the context

  14. Yeah. If you look up “Chris Pratt controversy” and click on the buzz feed article it gives you quite a bit of ridiculous reasons as to why he’s canceled. One being that he called his daughter with his new wife “beautiful healthy girl” and people were upset cuz he and his ex wife had a girl who was not so healthy. Like ? They way they jumped to that conclusion was crazy. I can imagine the conversation in my head:

  15. when they find half a poacher near a pride of lions

  16. i was sure it was going to be some old cantankerous curmudgeon, scared to go to the door

  17. mueller report: russia was all up in our elections and trump def obstructed justice, likely worse

  18. yeah, one of pud pullin' Putin's happiest days was surely 9/12

  19. i actually had a heads up before that (from a cousin i hardly ever speak to oddly enough)

  20. i just don't understand, sir - we can't keep these bastards from charging an almost criminal amount for their goods, even though we have addressed everything but that glaringly obvious cause

  21. Today, I saw two clips from his interview with Alex Jones. One was the part of the interview in which Kanye was praising Hitler. It was cringey and sad seeing Alex Jones (!!!) trying to talk sense to him and guide his statements so that they wouldn't come out as bad. It didn't work.

  22. if we could do away with the two party system and electoral college, and then undo the insane gerrymandering across this nation - this issue would kind of fix itself

  23. I'd say your country wouldn't elect a 5 year old buuuuuttt...

  24. yeah, we're no longer allowed to say "nobody's that dumb"

  25. i'm right on the border of the chequamegon-nicolet national forest (maybe a half hour north of the reservation) and i had no idea myself

  26. That’s like asking Hannibal Lecter how to suppress your cannibalistic urges

  27. we want to overhaul our whole imagine - we've put Jared Fogle in charge of PR

  28. gee, i wonder if fox news will run this story?

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