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  1. I’m 19, and just hope that I can live a bright future without this addiction

  2. I'm 19 and started with csgo too. I can't stop gambling, something always pulls me back in. Skin gambling is my biggest regret.

  3. I have this same one although maybe not from the same company. Right out of the packaging it doesn’t rip. When I plug it in to charge, no light comes on, but when I unplug it, it blinks. I think it’s charged.

  4. Mine was clogged. Try hitting it as hard as you can. If there's no light when plugged in the it's fully charged.

  5. Nice, glad the Super Succ worked 💪

  6. I've been doing HHC for the past month, almost every day. Tolerance has not gone up. A few puffs and I'm high. 1 gummy and I'm baked all day

  7. Also where did you gets your HHC from?

  8. I must be hitting mine like a bitch then. I did take a 2 week break from any devices. We'll see in like 30 min. When I hit it hard 🤣

  9. I thought that but it was still there after a few hours. Idk though maybe that’s just like my brain telling me smell is there

  10. Nah definitely not less than an hour. Probably the next day, but it really just depends how strong the smell is.

  11. Oh, I haven't had one in like 3 weeks. The last couple I've had were clear tips.

  12. I get them from someone and not a dispo so this is great to know.

  13. No 😂 I want to lose my job. Fuck Amazon

  14. I wanted to play it soooo bad but never finished it 😂

  15. So many mixed reviews. I bought a bunch of diffrent things. Hoping there d10 tinctures good

  16. I've seen a lot of mixed reviwes. How was your experience?

  17. honestly if u smoke a whole cart in a day it might be cuz ur volatage is wayy to high making it too hot so the oil burns and also leaks and get sucked thru (if u ever had a clogged cart this is why). also it may be boof if u can smoke that much.

  18. I had mine all the way up for maybe a week or 2 🤦‍♂️

  19. 3 weeks to a month but I'm tiny. I also heavily moderate myself lmao

  20. I wish I had this type of self control 😂

  21. i remember back in the day i got a box shipped from their real ig not a vendor and it came from a 7/11 lmaoo

  22. Working at Amazon has definitely made my anxiety and depressed WAY worse.

  23. How did you do bro! I’m on a week now. Same story here. I can smoke a full gram in a day and not feel a thing. Sometimes i wonder, by being high so often and all day. Does that become your brains new sober? Being sober feels very weird and dissociative.

  24. I was going through G carts in a week. I switched to flower and still don't really feel high .

  25. How much for the Crota Funko Pop?a

  26. what brand has intake holes at the top? Once you smoked past them you couldn’t smoke the oil anymore

  27. Exactly... I want what they're smoking

  28. It was a very legit looking giveaway. Its so stupid that I didn't do more research than I did. I felt iffy doing it and I should have listened to that instinct and stopped there.

  29. I did the same thing man. The person was verified on Twitter and everything.

  30. Not moldy, weed is naturally very pungent. Mold usually looks like white dots on the weed

  31. Thanks 🙏 I didn't think it was mold it just had a weird smell. After letting a joint sit out it kinda smells normal. This is my first time with actual flower.

  32. You look golden, if you still aren’t sure search in saplings and trees for “mold” or something like that. You’ll see that it’s usually quite obvious, I know all this because I seem to have to it at least once a year lmao

  33. I didn't think it was mold it just had a weird smell. After letting a joint sit out it kinda smells normal. This is my first time with actual flower.

  34. I use plats. I haven't used any other carts tbh but I've never coughed up black stuff...

  35. Hi, this issue will be fixed in a new X3 firmware that will release end of this month or early next month.

  36. Great, thanks for the heads up.

  37. :) hml I honestly prob can get you merch and shit on the weekly and hella discounts

  38. Wait I just looked up the dispos on 8 mile. Is it HoD? Thats where my plug gets their carts 😂 Appreciate the offer tho, but I'm only 20.

  39. No cookies detroit! And it’s medical only so you should be fine as long as you have your medical card

  40. Oh shit, nah I don't. Ima try to get one soon. For some reason I thought you had to be 21 which dosent make any sense cause I've seen younger people with em 🤦‍♂️

  41. Only if I could legally buy from a dispo in Michigan. I think I got a legit plug tho after reading about the deals in the comments.

  42. Any taller and you wouldn't have it 😂

  43. I worked out yesterday for the first time in probably 2 years and last night got stoned and thought I could eat all the munchies since I burnt some calories. I ate a full bag of cheddar popcorn, a bar of chocolate, a sleeve of fudge stripe cookies, a bowl full of sour gummy worms,

  44. I don't even know how to respond...

  45. I have Covid too, they're taking all my UPT...

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