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  1. So you have listened to all of their albums, singles, etc. In 5 minutes?

  2. Every song they create is registered on ASCAP.

  3. A Choir Of One is on the Suspiria soundtrack.

  4. I literally answered this same question 4 days ago on this same reddit. As this reddit has such a small amount of content you should find it really easily.

  5. I attended only one show here in Italy and was able to get my ALFAA cd cover autographed by all 3 members of The Smile. From what I heard they made themselves available for autographs after every European show with perhaps one exception (Paris I think). I can only imagine they will do the same in the US.

  6. From following updates from the last tour, it looked less frequent than that (example: them not coming out in Sicily either), but it did look like they made an attempt when the conditions were right.

  7. Ok, I forgot about Sicily, but all considered they made themselves available for autographs at around 90% of the shows. So while not guaranteed the probability is very high.


  9. It is more of a beast live I think. The studio version is a little castrated.

  10. The studio version is more refined and precise but I do not perceive any reduction in energy. All the complaints about the studio version in comparison to the live version seem to stem from the lack of the live version's long intro. However I can understand the decision to keep the live intro only for when they play it live.

  11. I think they do that so that thom can loop his backin vocals for the verses. Notice Tom only sing backin vocals in the pretty lies part. And yes this song is so insanely good. Might even be better than these are My twisted words (spiritual sister song)

  12. Exactly, part of the reason for the intro live is to create the vocal loops needed during the song, but I don't think that is the only reason, otherwise it would only be vocal with no arced bass, no guitar and no drums. It just works so well in the tradition of extended live versions of trippy rock songs. It feels improvised though it is pretty much the same each time. There are similarities and important differences with TAMTW, Hairdryer is definitely more varied, whereas what makes TAMTW so trippy is its repetitiveness.

  13. This is going to end up being the most boring and ordinary setlist of all time rather than the ultimate one. Clearly it is unlikely that deep cuts and rarities are ever going to get the most votes. So all we are doing is creating a setlist that will look similar to the ones in their most recent tour.

  14. This is a win-win situation for me; if The Butcher doesn't get many votes it proves my point, on the other hand I would be very happy in the unlikely eventuality that it gets a load of votes

  15. Life in a Glasshouse has a kind of New Orleans funeral vibe to it, so that might work.

  16. I do like HTTT but as far as I am aware they rushed it out so as to complete their contractual obligation with EMI as quickly as possible.

  17. The credit info we have is only about who plays what on the record, nothing about who specifically wrote each song.

  18. Personally I would say that as their intention is to differentiate and create a separation between the 2 projects it would be wrong to consider ALFAA canon, though I would add that quality wise it is "as good as canon". The relationship between the 2 projects is complex. Now that I have grown to know and love The Smile as much as Radiohead I am equally afraid of the jeopardy that each project represents for the other. I also think that the new Smile songs played on tour are going in a direction which will widen the difference in sound on their LP2 compared to Radiohead.

  19. Or perhaps the most probable explanation is that there were 2 alternative new songs on the setlist and in the end they decided to play IT. Which means we have yet to hear Flangers which could be one of the other soundchecked songs.

  20. what you're describing reminds me of the Subterranean Homesick Alien title, in that it references a Bob Dylan song yet has seemingly nothing to do with Dylan or Subterranean Homesick Blues. Got no clue if Jonny is doing the same thing here

  21. I would agree with this. I'm not sure but would guess that Jonny is referencing the classical works in name and style but the piece is totally of his own invention. And it still amazes me how powerful it is.

  22. There were some unreleased smile songs in peaky blinders. Does anyone know which Episode?

  23. can‘t believe they soundchecked teleharmonic phaser!! these new songs are so great!! bending hectic is mindblowing!! can‘t wait for another lp those songs are topping some of alfaa tracks easily

  24. That is not what he said. He simply listed all the non album tracks we know about. Teleharmonia has not been heard during soundchecks only in the background of that scene in Peaky Blinders. But there do seem to be at least 2 songs that were soundchecked but not played during shows.

  25. He literally says: "This song is called We Are The Same, The Same". Questa canzone si chiama, siamo lo stesso, lo stesso. It's the lyric more than the name of the song, but Thom can say what he likes about his own song.

  26. She's Leaving Home is Exit Music.

  27. An iPhone 13 mini. I recorded the audio with the native iOS app, and the phone was held with my hand, in horizontal and with the front screen facing the stage. It turned out great, sounds better than most of what I’ve heard on YouTube. I’m uploading it on YouTube right now, and the FLACs are already available here if you want to check it out:

  28. Yes that’s amazing. We have already 6 potential songs for LP2!!

  29. Yes 6 songs if we only count the ones played during the shows. It's 7 if we count Teleharmonia from the last episode of Peaky Blinders. It reaches 9 if we consider other 2 soundchecked songs (of which low quality registrations exist) from Luxembourg and Nimes. Seeing as some of the new songs are quite long, we almost have enough material already for LP2!!

  30. So you list Bodies and Mouth jam, does that mean they mixed those 2 pieces up, or were they played as 2 distinct songs?

  31. It's probably more of a question for those who have been to the venue before, rather than seen the band somewhere else. The venues often dictate, or have a say, in how and when the artists enter and leave the building.

  32. I was there for the Thom and Jonny show a few years back. I do not think that they were available to meet fans that time, but I am assuming (hoping) they will be this time. That time they were definitely hanging around upstairs at the opposite end of the building from the roundabout as food was delivered there and Jonny's wife posted a picture taken of the fans outside from there. So I am assuming that the tour bus will be parked there and I will be hanging out there for as long as it takes after the show on Sunday. I will bring the CD cover to sign which is more manageable than LP. Though it will likely be possible to park the car reasonably close

  33. If it says start at 9, does the Robert Stillman Part Starts at 9 or does the Smile Part Starts at 9?

  34. Not every concert has the same starting time. So you will need to check specifically for Milan, not much point asking based on last night in Nimes. My guess would be that The Smile will start at 9pm in Milan.

  35. I would not risk damaging the vinyl itself by signing it. Perhaps it's best to sign the cover. Perhaps it is even better if you kindly ask Thom, Jonny & Tom to sign it rather than yourself and your friend. Seeing as you are going to the concert you might be lucky enough to meet them if you wait near their tour bus after the show. Bring a pen and dont get angry if they steal it.

  36. Wow. Just wow. Look at you, ever-so-casually condoning pen thievery like it was nothing. Have you ever had your favorite writing utensil taken from your hands by some morally bankrupt excuse of a rock star, never to be returned?! Probably not, or you'd know of the trauma this has inflicted on generations of blameless fans. Shame on you!

  37. I usually hang around after gigs, not so much to get an autograph, but specifally to gift my pen to the rock star. I feel so privileged when they do not make an attempt to give it back to me after signing. Perhaps I suffer from a kind of pen Stockholm Syndrome.

  38. Let's be honest, Thom Yorke doesn't always sing in key too. Don't know, I appreciate backing vocals on A Hairdryer.

  39. You do realize that most of the backing vocals in A Hairdryer are Thom sampling his own voice from the intro. Only during the final section are there any backing vocals from Tom.

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