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  1. Looks pretty much like a MK23 with a cheap 3d printed kit on it… Not a huge fan of those super futuristic guns

  2. This area is straight from Tarkov. 🤣

  3. If its the VFC version, its good. I have it myself, its durable and shoots pretty good ootb. You may want to throw in a new hopup bucking but other than that you are good to go with 0.2 to 0.25g BBs

  4. TM MWS or VFC SR16/BCM. Currently the best, with the TM being the better ootb.

  5. The wood joke made me chuckle, good job :D

  6. But are the internals and extarbals still good? Should i get a cyma instead? I have over 300 bucks to spend and i want real quality, is it still good?

  7. You have to decide: LCT & E&L offer superior externals, while Cyma has worse externals but the internals are built like a tank. If you have the money I’d get the E&L and then gradually upgrade small things like the hopup and inner barrel eventually

  8. You need to assign a material and then set the diffuse color

  9. For anyone looking for GHK mags: WGCShop. They have decent prices, fast shipping and are in stock most of the time

  10. Feeling, Fun and maintenance.

  11. Fix a bayonet and poke them :D

  12. Probably an air bubble in your mag. You need to bleed it by holding the valve while filling and after 1/2 seconds let it go

  13. Looks awesome but holy shit 4.5K… My car is worth less than your helmet

  14. Holo replicas suck. You either live with it or get something good like a Sig romeo, Holosun or Vortex

  15. Hard to diagnose from this. Might want to ask the guys over at

  16. For a pistol primary, I’d say HPA is the way to go. If I read your replies correct you also have access to cheap extendos, they might do the trick as well, although I had bad experience with drop-off in power after quick shots

  17. The reverse mutant lol Is it an AK-15 then?

  18. Just import from Asia, it’s cheaper anyway

  19. Any suggestions where to order ?

  20. KY is your best bet for anything WE related. WGC is another option, but they are expensive. Sometimes Tiger111HK has really competitive prices but you have to search the site. Make the shipping isn’t killing your savings

  21. Yes, but it’s not worth it. You‘d still need a Gearbox shell and spare weapon to put it into

  22. There are even cheaper methods:

  23. The only AKs worth looking at are the WE and GHK and they are sold out a lot of times. Just need to check the sites plus overseas sites like redwolf, KY, WGC etc

  24. I had 2 of them on the front sight post on my AR15

  25. I have the vector and it’s not a great choice if you just want an AEG. BUT… It’s the only choice if you want a vector.

  26. WE or VFC. WE is cheaper but quality wise I’d say pretty similar. VFC has a better feel to it imo

  27. Na u good it still the cheapest option one question doe I aint gonna get scammed right cause like these some good prices to good almost

  28. TW Gun is awesome. Great prices, super fast shipping and they even have a decent support. Can 100% recommend

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