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  1. You were put under, so they have to intubate you and put you on a ventilator, as with any surgery. Some asthmatics have very reactive airways and can spasm when introducing an artificial airway. The treatment was as a precaution in case your asthma wanted to trigger. Nothing out of the ordinary. But they should write u a script for another, I guess. Not a lawyer

  2. I was still in a lot of pain when I was discharged. I was not in the head space to ask about my inhaler. I didn’t even truly realize it was broken until two days later. My mom and fiancée were just focused on getting me comfortable.

  3. Like i said, they shouldve wrote u a script. Hardly any basis for legal action tho

  4. Ferns are safe, except asparagus ferns they can be toxic. I have autumn ferns. I also grow astilbe indoors. But try cat nip

  5. It’s all in here. Pretty easy to look up. Your focus on Canada’s numbers, well here’s a bigger sample for u

  6. Yeah, but what about Israel? They’re trying to hide their numbers.

  7. Is that what the guy on substack said after you donated him some money?

  8. You're not really saying anything other than showing you cannot take criticism.

  9. Im not saying anything in your view because Im talking to a 4yo kid whose pretentiousness is overshadowed only by his lack of self awareness.

  10. Funny how most people on this thread divert to insults and aggression if I don't agree with them.

  11. Funny how I tell you to read something to gain perspective and yet you respond with garbage. Not even a thoughtful counterargument

  12. It’s well over 50 years old. That would be a shame.

  13. Ive cut down older ones. U wont affect pecan harvesting i promise. But a pecan tree belongs in its own pasture. Otherwise get used to picking up limbs after a gust of wind over10mph

  14. seemed to be knowledgable when I dealt with them. Very responsive too.

  15. Yes, their products are good quality. Go to their Sound and Heat guides, scroll a ways down, there’s a ton of info there. U dont have to use their products, but the info is invaluable, given u have the finances to do it. Sound dampening is pricey, if u want a significant reduction. But if u want to do the bare minimum, seal the gaps with spray foam and insulate the attic - rockwool should do fine. Your door should prob be solid core too. Use acoustical sealant how they describe on the rest of the house. Add MLV where u can, 5/8” sheetrock. But decoupling is where you get the best reduction.

  16. Pick up a UV flashlight. Amazon has them for about $10, or you can find them at other places like Harbor Freight. If that's UV dye it'll glow like crazy, especially when it's dark around it.

  17. I’ll just wait for the installer to tell me. He’s coming tomorrow. He would’ve done the test.

  18. That or it could be old. The dye doesn't come out of the system. They could have had a leak prior to sale, had someone come out to find and fix it, then another developed after you closed on the place. That or that dye stain is old, sorta hard to tell. If possible, see if the seller included any invoices for work with the sale or if you call them, see if they can tell you.

  19. You have the truthmeter 5000? It’s not even out yet!

  20. The DSM gets it’s goalposts moved all the time. It’s arbitrary. Fuck the words in that book.

  21. There are several threads about this same thing and several people got it. No one knows what it is though I’m not gonna click anything in it. I’m gonna contact YouTube through the app and see what they say

  22. They responded to me on twitter but was vague. They said “sorry for the confusion, we're already looking into this, and no further action is required from your side. you can also disregard the contents of the email. thx for bringing this to our attention!”

  23. Gee thanks for the reply, whatever it means…

  24. What a dumb post. What’s IVM’s IC50?

  25. So u are the chosen one? I am humbled by your presence

  26. There was no reason to say anything at all about your cannabis use. Since it's been 30 days, it's like a 99.99999% chance a urine test would be negative. Even after 15 days you would probably test negative. I know someone who smoked daily who passed after a week or so of abstinence but they shat some rather large bricks waiting for their results.

  27. There I was +10 yrs ago and still pissing hot for 45+ days. Plenty exercise and sweating during that time too. Your 99.9999% forecast might be off.

  28. Persimmon, Hachiya persimmon i believe, the best kind of persimmon. Pick when bright orange. Eat when very soft. My favorite fruit in the world

  29. Unapproved DOES NOT mean ineffective, so what, what's your point?

  30. Unapproved probably because reaching IvM’s IC50 is impossible, yet none of you CriTiKaL ThiNkErS even acknowledge that. If you did, you would realize you’ve been so wrong for so long

  31. How do you solve for it’s IC50? Or does that go against the side that you’re on?

  32. Holmes building materials. Office in BR, not sure if there’s a branch in nola

  33. Only 1-2%, cuz they dont rely on their FeELiNgS

  34. Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency could be a cause. But idk shit about about you or your posting history. So Im a retard

  35. Yo, that's not for sale by owner then. That's still being represented by a broker and she HAS to disclose that to the public. As brokers/agents we can't just not sell something on our own and not let the public know we're licensed. JFC what city are you in, your Mom is why people hate us

  36. Right, you want my address as well? I think people “hate” (not my words) you is because, since the internet, what value do you bring? And is it enough to justify 3% for a glorified middleman.

  37. Ask her how much value she brought to the profession pre-internet while making millions? I think her lifestyle speaks for itself. She barely knows how to email and still killing it, bro.

  38. Do you think the dream state is more than just a screensaver for when your brain goes to sleep? Maybe dream state AND dmt state actually satisfy most folks definition of “another dimension”

  39. That’s the issue. It’s like saying you’re “spiritual”, it means different things to different people. Wtf do u mean when u say you’re “spiritual”? There’s no verifiable, FULL understanding of these things. Til then, I’ll continue to think the way I do. Even if the truth is the boring answer to your question, it’s still mind blowing

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