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Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

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  1. “Forced by her parents” lmao. And the topper “did you have a bad time?” “Not really…” doesn’t sound like they really had to “force” you to go. LOL

  2. I had a good time at plenty of places my parents dragged me as a kid.

  3. Bring a rain jacket and good hiking shoes and enjoy being the only one up My Tomaree.

  4. What’s crazy is that old car took that impact like nothing just a dent if that was a car today I would imagine he’d be folding that door in

  5. Not a chance. Modern cars have burst proof locks and anti intrusion bars. Much less chance of the door getting opened from an impact.

  6. Yes you're correct, but that isn't my point. My point is that speed signs shouldn't be used as a traffic slowing measure. If you actually want people to slow down, you need to make the road smaller, add obstacles to the road (speed bumps, islands etc), add trees to the side of the road, etc. People just aren't going to go 50 (town speed limit in regional NSW) if the road still feels like it should be a 100 road

  7. I would prefer a speed camera than a speed hump. Why should I have to deal with traffic furniture because some other cunt can't read and obey the speed limit?

  8. If you're going a safe speed then it won't have any effect on you, and it will create a safer environment which isn't focused on punitive punishment

  9. Ripple strips, chicanes and speed bumps still have an effect at the speed limit and fucktards still go through them too fast. A fixed speed camera will drop the speed and the fucktards will pay up or lose thier licence.

  10. Plenty of people commute from Newcastle to Sydney. You will knock over 70,000 just doing that for a full time job. Central Coast plus weekends and a few holidays will do the same.

  11. Are you actually running out of gears and spinning out at over 100 rpm? Sometimes the best upgrade is to your legs.

  12. That's how the hood rats pump out babies down in the ghetto.

  13. That water pool around all the burners seems like a good and bad idea at the same time

  14. That screw into your pelvis is nasty.

  15. I have had both mine resurfaced and am so glad I didn't need implants like that. Hopefully if it needs to be revised it won't be to messy.

  16. If it's load bearing usually the top piece of wood will be doubled up

  17. And the studs will be directly under the bearers not between them.

  18. Fantastic Furniture you can walk in and furnish the entire home in one stop cheaper than anywhere else. Quality is average but will last 2 years. If you are happy to muck about then there are heaps of options for used furniture.

  19. Good effort, equal distance to my longest ride on my road bike. Can't imagine doing it on a folder.

  20. You'd never invent a thing now that kills this many people and get it approved.

  21. If you could wind the clock back 100+ years privately owned motor vehicles would never be allowed to exist. When you look at how much public land is wasted for parking, pollution and how our cities developed everyone would agree.

  22. Charlestown netball courts have about 20 courts, beautiful and smooth with a slight slope from one end to the other.


  24. First steep loading dock and you are going to scrape that front end and crush the roof under the trailer.

  25. And this only works in lumber or steel construction. A friend of mine is in construction installing heaters in homes (don't know the translation).

  26. A van is more practical than a pick up for most trades. Longer lengths of timber/conduit etc can be put on roof racks of a van than in a pick up. Bonus there is more room to advertise your business on the vehicle and you can lock it up and not have shit stolen out of the bed.

  27. The cleaning is no biggie, you can hand it back dirty at the end of the lease. NSW law..........

  28. I think context matters quite a bit. The experience and expectation people have with police can vary so wildly. Some should legitimately fear police at the door. Some are happy to greet them. Where you live and what you look like makes a big fucking difference.

  29. Your "hobbies" make a big difference too. 40 year old who has never done any shady stuff isn't going to be worried about police at the door. Someone with a long history of law breaking even if they have never been caught will panic.

  30. There is a perfect horse ass right there and he can't get to it............

  31. Sydney’s not too bad once your used to it. Driving outside of peak hour generally isn’t an issue if you don’t expect to be moving constantly. Just put on the radio and enjoy.

  32. Couldn't you just park next to this car? Plenty of space and no signs saying no parking 😜

  33. But how would we stop the ever growing population of the the “Namless”, the residents who never picked up another identity and roam the streets using the anonymity to convict untraceable crimes.

  34. Because eventually they will need government assistance. The successful criminals will come to the attention of the authorities when they try and use cash to pay for stuff. No point being successful and making a shitload of money if you can't spend it. The useless ones will need Medical attention, Welfare, Social Housing etc. Life with no bank account, driver's licence or ability to get a mobile phone number or vehicle registration will be tough.

  35. Buy a triton. If you really need a ute though. 90% of people don't need utes. Best utes are Bunnings/servo utes, pineapple for a day and clamp the back lines for fully sick skids before you hand it back with an empty tank

  36. Bunnings courtesy trailer are even better value. Buy a length of untreated timber for $5. Borrow the trailer and you have 2 hours to move whatever you need to move. Use the timber for firewood or give it to your 68 year old neighbour who likes to make shit.

  37. Just buy Japanese car brand new for $30,000 get a tow bar or roof racks and hire a trailer or pay delivery if you are getting something over the towing capacity.

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