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  1. They don't rate shows, I couldn't find any so that means it's a movie, not a show. Also, Bendis LotSH was supposed to be r-rated.

  2. Streaming shows are rated. They need it in order to categorize them in platforms. If you play peacemaker it’s gonna show you a +18 sign

  3. And the investigation was finalized two years ago. He needs to move one.

  4. And spend another millions with marketing with all this s*it going on? Come on. This movie is cursed.

  5. For the movie the invested millions to come out. It's simple business.

  6. Rocket's survival is anything but a Deus Ex machina. I mean a Boomtube collapsed and she ended up at the Boomtube's creator own dimension, that's totally normal. The show's lore was already explained and expanded. Metron fixed the time travel problem Lor Zod created.

  7. The perks of living in Japan. The amount of merch in America is so small compared to you guys lol.

  8. She’s a good actress, saw her on sex life.

  9. 4/5 I love it. One of my favorite DCEU films. It’s fun and the acting is great. My only complaint is Cass.

  10. You're telling me the show fails at Muslim representation because it doesn't fit your definition of faith? But... Islam is a religion shared by more than a billion people... Sorry but you don't own the truth.

  11. They made the only prominent Christian character Catholic, and the Catholic Church is problematic in a lot of ways, and doesn't represent all Christians. There's never going to be representation that makes everyone happy.

  12. These people think faith, religion and truth belongs to them. This is definitely not the show for them.

  13. Not all, the Batfans lol. You guys were expecting the most anticlimatic shit ever, then.

  14. I thought the beast boy depression arc didn't have a satisfying resolution. The amount of screentime wasted on showing his struggle, depression, intervention, therapy, etc. and we don't get the payoff of his first reaction to knowing Connors alive, no emotional chat/tears/heartache with him or anything.

  15. The point was his development as a character, that depression was cooking up since season 2. Did you watch the Canary therapy scene? It wasn't only about Conner, that was the breaking point but Gar has been dealing with that since his mom died.

  16. Honestly it looks like something being set up for a future season. The repeated emphasis on Bad Samaritan's mind control makes me think they're setting up a redemption for Brion.

  17. Not only future season but Targets, the new comic series.

  18. Did you pay attention? This season literally cleared all of the questions about the Light’s motives. There’s something big cooking up with Vandal, Darkseid and Metron.

  19. Something big cooking up is the same as previous seasons. I think OP looking for the meal. He hungry. We all are.

  20. But revelations are not the same as previous seasons. Go rewatch and see how the lore was expanded. One step at a time, G & B are not mediocre writers, they don't waste their stories potential.

  21. People just need to be patient and my main complain is the fact that people kept bashing Greg and Brandon, man this is their work! It’s all put together by them but people don’t care and shit on it.

  22. What's up with the heavy push to have them date? I don't even recall them ever interacting in a proper way from what I recall.

  23. Since you don't remember this video can refresh your mind.

  24. Yeah I know that, but I'm talking about the build up to their romance. What I meant was them interacting before they were seemingly dating. The pair up just happens out of nowhere. Like it would have made more sense if it was blue beetle and bart.

  25. This is YJ, half of the stuff happens behind the scenes.

  26. Tbh, tell me what were you expecting to see about Nightwing that we haven’t seen yet? I mean, He’s been in every season and has played a key role in every season finale and Mystery. Of course Rocket and Kaldur had more development, they had less screen time before. Specially Rocket of course. Even before season 4 we only saw Kaldur’s home once. But the Batfamily is everywhere in every season. The only thing yet to be solved is Jason, of course that wasn’t gonna happen this season.

  27. Yes, I've always believed that this depiction of the character maybe won't ever be viewed as a leader like the one from the JLA books but he’s still a person people gravitate towards

  28. Me neither and I’m okay with it. If i wanted everything to be just like the comics I’d stick to reading them and not watching any adaptation. Some accuracy is good but creative freedom is better.

  29. Anyone else surprised to see bumblebee up there? Everyone else is either a family member or a member of team year 0. I didn’t realize she was so close to M’gann

  30. Wym? She’s been there since season 1

  31. The key to understand the time travel is Lor Zod. Now that he died the timeline won’t be as damaged. The baby Ursa is carrying is a different person than the villain of this season. That paradox is over.

  32. I do hate how this show hasn’t broken the cable network time restraints. I think pace of the show would be so much better if they gave the writers some more leeway in that regard

  33. Budget is the main reason, why do you think they reuse so many scenes as flashbacks? they really had a significant budget cut, that's why they're asking for support on the HBO app and buying YJ Targets, so WB sees it's a profitable brand.

  34. Per Greg on a recent AskGreg question, they have the same budget but things are apparently more expensive.

  35. Which is weird. I saw that reply on his website but... heard something different from him on Interviews and the YJ podcast. I really only hope they renew the show.

  36. Nostalgia is the number one reason. They can't let go their childhood show, it was very evident by the reaction to Razer (GL and YJ were aired at the same time, I watched them back then). I think they don't accept characters grow and the world evolved with them.

  37. A legion show is under development.

  38. Maybe a year, remember during Klarion's desperate look for the heroes during Zatanna's arc, he passed by Barda a year later from season 4.

  39. So you and Greg just debunked everyone here who were blaming the bad animation and no-liners on the budget.

  40. He's also contradicting himself, cause I've heard him on the YJ podcast saying they had budget cuts so...

  41. Nope, watch the trailer. No ears sadly.

  42. I mean, it clearly looks like he has them in these pictures. Maybe they're adding with CGI?

  43. Hope so, cause he should have them on the trailer. Let’s wait till october. One thing’s for sure, this movie looks fucking epic.

  44. Hmm, is wrong that I am way more interested in the Justice Society side of this movie?

  45. Same! Specially Fate, looks so freaking interesting

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