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  1. LG are the best in terms of quality

  2. This means absolutely nothing to me if prices of everything are going up and salaries are still the same .

  3. the increase in wages will impact on the price of goods and services

  4. Maybe our grandkids will witness a strong economy....

  5. Guys.... Relax... Algeria only offers problems not solutions... Let's all just accept this fact .

  6. Even ooredoo... It became absolute garbage lately... Internet speed went from 120mb/s to 0.5mb/s in my house !!!

  7. One word ... Money Most Algerians cannot afford dentists


  9. I had two phones with an Exynos processor Note 8 and the s8+... Damn those chips are hot and battery sucking which ruined any good phone experience.

  10. It's not stuttering my friend... LTPO technology works like that .... If u pass by a video on Instagram or reddit etc... The refresh rate will go down to 60hz to save power

  11. It's just bullying at this point...

  12. Big companies are playing dirty to destroy each other

  13. Disappointing, still Google discover feed is not integrated.

  14. I'm angrier about third party launchers' gesture support 😑

  15. I don't live in the US... But I get updates normally

  16. Use QuickPic Gallery from XDA... The best one

  17. Flash OrangeFox recovery or use a USB stick .

  18. Sando and the soccer ball made of chocolate 😭

  19. Old Muslim/arab architecture... The best to ever exist

  20. Lol still don't even have it on my S20+. Just got May 2022 security patch but no 4.1 still

  21. I was about to write the same comment about the same phone haha

  22. The S20+ 5G ( Snapdragon) supports up to 90fps.... I play sometimes and it's relatively smooth.

  23. Yeah that's the one I'm getting That's so cool , is it by default or did you use a gfx tool? And what about HDR, what's the frame rate there?

  24. It's by default..... If u choose HDR , the FPS is 60.

  25. Same for A71. Friends with A31 and A52 are sporting One UI 4.1, while A71 is stuck to 3 + april security patches.

  26. S10+ from years ago got the 4.1 update 🤣

  27. So was mine, but Tmobile still provides my cell you not get any cell service and just use wifi?

  28. I don't even live in the US bro and I receive updates as soon as Samsung sends them to the US unlocked Variant.

  29. Samsung are waaaay overhyped when it comes to updates.

  30. Yep, same, I just got the march security update a few days ago. A bit ridiculous.

  31. Still on the February update... Which is more ridiculous haha

  32. What other choice do you have !!!!??

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