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Actor and comedian Stephen Fry’s answer when asked what he would say to God at the ‘Pearly Gates’

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John Fetterman Whipping Dr. Oz in Senate Race With Double Digit Lead: Poll

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When laughter meets percussion

  1. How about how hurricane Ian could fucking kill people. Let's talk about that instead.

  2. This is the billionth hurricane in the same place. Maybe people are kind of over the caring about people who choose to live in harm's way?

  3. A superior Hot Wheels experience, in my opinion.

  4. The Sonic games are sort of like the Predator films: people like the first one and kind of enjoy the character, but for the most part all the rest suck.

  5. Oh no... Someone put their money where their mouth was and then accepted they were wrong?!

  6. I'm sure you've never been wrong about anything. Yep.

  7. Not only does he seem like the kind of person you could get a beer with over a discussion, he seems like a person who would be genuinely cool to hang out with

  8. The games look and play completely differently. One is combat focused and one is basically a puzzle so deep I don't believe anyone actually did it without help.

  9. I’m so excited for this and all the new people that maybe haven’t heard of TLOU to see how incredible it is.

  10. Oh sorry. It's the more original, "The real monsters were us all along!!!!!!!"

  11. And spray watery brown shit all over your legs? No thanks. I'll stick with civilized toilet paper.

  12. Where the fuck do you think the water is coming from? Because you are really wrong.

  13. What happens when you blast the shit with pressurised water? Of course it will splash brown shitty water everywhere.

  14. I'm finally 90% down on my lifetime investments!

  15. Another co-op only game I'll never get to play 🤷‍♂️. I'd like to see his talent used on making single-layer games.

  16. He makes it possible to play with our spouses. You can go play countless single player games. Let him make couch co-op games for us. Thanks.

  17. I went this weekend so can't help you much but this is just a warning since it's your first time, it's a very hilly area. Wear practical shoes.

  18. It's a fun time. So cool to see so many people dressed up and in character. We went today, so can't carpool with you.

  19. Already have the drinking horn ready. It will be filled with honey mead and happiness. Any shows that were standout?

  20. This exactly. If this was a boulder rave thing I would be a bit more comfortable, but the second you add in height and equipment your chance of injury raises

  21. There is far more chance of injury with bouldering than top roping at a gym. Especially if they require assisted devices like a Gri Gri.

  22. If the Twitter bots are efficient and effective enough, they will make your neighbor into the terminator without the need for any robots.

  23. This is maybe my favorite Cuban in town. It’s delicious. And it’s awesome massive, each half of the sandwich is like its own whole sandwich.

  24. It's the best by a fucking mile. And it's not even close.

  25. I refuse to answer such a ridiculous request. And will add that the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

  26. Because it’s such a ridiculous thing to ask. You don’t think at any point someone of color has been described as fair skinned

  27. You will get bored before finishing.. I felt the same for the first 20hrs

  28. Usually pillows lie on the bed. This guy lies all over.

  29. I just wanted to let you know that this was a weak joke. Sorry.

  30. This is such a stupid strawman. You can have an interesting relationship without giving your partner a concussion.

  31. You really shouldn't call it toast, then. Maybe call it blackened.

  32. I think one of the issues brought up was how historically firing squads got depressed after killing someone. Pulling a lever or plunging a syringe is one thing done by one person. A firing squad can give multiple people ptsd opposed to one. Also firing squads do not aim for the head. They aim for your heart, it’s not always instant and there have been multiple recorded cases where the executioners have had to reload to finish the job. Or the executed lived for up to 15 minutes and died of their injuries slowly.

  33. Modern firing "squad" could just be drone turrets with pinpoint accuracy. Done and done.

  34. Why do people keep spouting this bullshit? He's either rich enough to keep out of jail or he isn't. Stop.

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