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  1. Respect and authority are earned, not claimed. If you have to tell me you’re in charge, you aren’t.

  2. I do and will. Anyone calling themselves an alpha male is a ridiculous person.

  3. Pretty sure The Heavy Anchor has a $2 Stag/PBR night. I haven’t been in a while but I used to go there all the time.

  4. Stager Inn in Edwardsville. Last time I was there, they still had the $1 daily Stag special. If prices have increased I’m assuming not by much!

  5. He is reinforcing on his brain each time he does that his feelings for her. It is a manifesting technique, whether is aware or not. I would feel betrayed to. Since he is your husband it maybe time to discuss where to go next.

  6. They’re the cringiest thing on this sub, and that’s a very high bar to clear.

  7. There is no telling how strange men will react to rejection.

  8. I'm not saying this to shoot him down. It seems he could have had this very simple conversation with the lady. It seems the foundation of trust is a bit fragile and it's often best to take things slow rather than rush into something and regret it.

  9. Some people are just more naturally worrisome than others. I’m married but still have worries all the time and it isn’t going to go away, through no fault of my wife. I don’t put those worries on her, but they still exist nonetheless.

  10. Contraception isn’t wrong. You’re free to use it, don’t burden your conscience with guilt over it.

  11. ngl i dont think having your coach height fuck you by a few inches is ideal.

  12. He’s also taller than Rodgers, Mahomes, and Lamar. You don’t want any of those guys either?

  13. He’s only two inches shorter than Vick and Tua, too. He’s short but not crazy short.

  14. Brown eyes can be beautiful, especially on redheads. It’s a really striking contrast and it looks fantastic.

  15. It’s a deceptive marketing tactic to get people to click on the video who otherwise wouldn’t.

  16. If you look up salt poisoning, she wouldn’t have lived long enough to develop heart disease. A full bottle of soy sauce would be fatal

  17. NTA what the hell? Drinking that much soy sauce can literally cause heart issues due to the insane amount of sodium. How a 28 year old can think this is a good idea is absolutely beyond me.

  18. Please, no "long-term" contracts for RB's Remember, TP is a 4th rd pick. We can find another if the FO does their job. We would have to trade up to get Bijan, and I'm not a fan of chasing up the board for a RB. JMO

  19. Bijan would be a fantastic fit on the Cowboys, but you’re right that trading up for a RB is almost always a bad idea. If by some miracle he doesn’t go early, I hope we take him.

  20. Car ownership rate in the US is 92%, so it’s not that crazy to imagine.

  21. This is pure copium. It would be one thing if yall were atleast making the nfc championship. You guys are always “good but not good enough”. That would frustrate the fuck out of me tbh lol. Sometimes you gotta suck a year or two so you can actually rebuild and retool.

  22. It’s a position where the only time you get noticed is if you suck at it. A good long snapper is never gonna win you a game but a bad one can definitely cost you a game.

  23. Right, can't imagine saying "no thanks I don't want free property"

  24. I think my wife would question my sanity if I turned down a free house from my family

  25. I'm not American. Can you please explain why you have to wait to pick up the kids? If school out, are the kids not allowed to go home?

  26. Schools are usually too far away from home for kids to get back home on their own. If the bus doesn’t run by your house or it doesn’t line up with your schedule, someone needs to go get them.

  27. No I agree too. I’m generally not a fan of paywalls for content and everything being a subscription. I already have YouTube Premium, adding yet another online monthly bill is too much.

  28. I’m not here to breakdown how greedy or rich you think they are. They are entertainers and put out quality free entertainment. Everything else I said aside, if they want to charge a gold bar for you to get extra content, that’s their prerogative. Don’t buy it, or do. It’s that simple. They are not providing something you need to live. The entitlement is crazy.

  29. It’s not entitled to be disappointed about not being able to see something. That just isn’t what that word means.

  30. It sounds like you were racially objectified, and it's valid that you're not okay with it.

  31. Yeah the title of this thread had me thinking OP called this girl a racist for liking KPop, but she called her racist for, you know, doing racist things.

  32. Growing up on a farm in a rural area and moving to a city of half a million at 18, people on farms are racist as fuck. I’ve seen racism in the city, like, here and there, but out on the farm they openly talk about their disgust towards other races. The majority of farmers are pretty shitty people at the core…

  33. I encountered far more racism in the city than I did in rural areas. Never heard a hard R until I was in a bar in a major city.

  34. If you don’t mind me asking, where are you located? I’m from southern Saskatchewan, so I can understand if there is more racism around here than elsewhere.

  35. I’m from the southern US. My hometown was just over half white, so being openly racist there would get your ass kicked.

  36. Yeah, Kyler is still the man. We will see once he returns if we need to hit the panic button but like, we giving this guy 2 years to make it work.

  37. I’m an OU fan for college so definitely super biased, but Kyler has the talent to be the guy. He needs maturity, but it’s totally possible that’s coming this year or next.

  38. I love this photograph, it's so strange to think that's just their clothes, they wouldn't have bought 'cowboy' boots, they just bought boots, it looks like such a nice day

  39. Given that it’s Bonham, Texas, there are people who still dress like this daily there.

  40. My wife, my dog, and to try and leave the world at least a little better than I found it. I hope I can do that much.

  41. I grew up seeing this so I didn’t know people found it so hard to watch lol.

  42. R&L are always respectful southern boys, but I feel bad when the guests are less than enthusiastic.

  43. This is why I almost never watch the guest episodes. They usually make things really awkward.

  44. Gen 2 will always be my favorite aesthetic. I grew up on Gens 1-3 so I love all of those, but GSC feel the most nostalgic for me.

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