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  1. Still need to be better but thx alot

  2. You’re only 5kg from your 110kg weight, RELAX! It’s Jan 3rd… you’ll get back to 110kg in like 2 montjs

  3. I was planning on being less than 100 kg by then hahahahaha but yea I get what u mean thanks for encouragement

  4. You will get right back on track. Looking forward to a post in a month about how good you feel!

  5. Thanks that means alot, I just said to croissants I wanna cry ahhahahahah but I am glad I did

  6. Wow ur post is so motivating, happy for you fr ❤🙏

  7. I think the way to convince yourself to make it as a lifestyle is to understand that humans weren't made for eating continually and the digestive system and whole body need rest . To activate the autophagy on cells . Many religions have encouraged fasting . Religion is ancient wisdom. The pearls of trial and errors of our fellow humans through different civilization and times then not long ago a scientist earned Nobel prize cause discovered how fasting induce autophagy crucial to keep our body younger and free from many deceases. The key to keep it long term I think is find he balance and hours ratios of fasting where your body and mind feel at its best and keep it , don't let people with no context try to convince you that the normal is :"...". The best and normal is what makes your body and mind thrive. Personally non strict keto carnivore 80% and 20 % of keto even if is not carnivore . In a window of 18/6 is working great. My hunger , my energy levels , my sleep, my mind less distracted. But I think each one has his own particular needs. I hope you find yours . Have a nice day, and nice journey towards heath ❤️

  8. This is a perfect answer honestly, modern society normalized eating 3+ meals a day on the other hand for most of human time they survived on way less meals. Think of our ancestors they used eat when they are able too and live on a meal for as long a week or tw, so 1 meal a day is more than enough to live a healthy and happy life you just have to tweak your mentality, and get your essential nutrients from that meal.

  9. You make a great point I need to work on my confidence, I guess being obese my whole life has shut my confidence for good but I’ll try and get it, thx for the comment 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  10. I'm not being rude but are you gay? I'm only asking because I'm a girl and idk what advice to give unless you want to attract men only

  11. Hahaha no I’m not but I am quite submissive in general I can see where I look like I am, and no you are not being rude 😊

  12. Zara has a lot of cool looking basic hoodies for men . Also Pac Sun as well , and if you want to wear hoodies to the gym , Gym shark is good, Under Armour , SHE IN (has some cheap nice men hoodies ) , Gap , Banana Republic , and H&M

  13. Nice that's a lot of good options thanks again for the advice I really appreciate it

  14. No problem!!! You have sm potential!! The main thing that struck me was your need for a new style and I feel like growing out your hair too would be a great positive for your overall look :) wish you the best of luck on the rest of your journey !!

  15. Wow that's so impressive you look amazing 💪

  16. Really want to get more involved more with this wholesome community more (plus you guys and girls are super cute😊)

  17. Oooh shit 😂😂😂 my bad boss

  18. I’m down 40 Ibs in a year so your kinda killing it sir!!

  19. thx alot man and good job keep going 🙏❤

  20. Dude you lost 200 pounds in a year... I'd call that pretty disciplined. Great fucking work man.

  21. Wow that’s so awesome man great job ❤️

  22. Wow that so impressive keep up the great work girl 👊

  23. Hi! I think you look really great—I just wanted to ask what your regimen was?

  24. Fasting 20:4 with low carbs and some resistance training

  25. Wow that's awesome. I guess at some point the old clothes just gotta get donated. Getting new clothes sure is a treat though.

  26. Oh so you keep the threshold low but then increase it when you feel like it. Do you eat anything you want in the eating hours? And only water in the non-eating hours right?

  27. It depends how much you lose every one is different and of course no you can’t eat whatever you want in the eating window I suggest starting by decreasing the carbs in your plate and as far as what you can drink I drink water Diet Pepsi and maybe some ice black coffee no sugar

  28. Yeah I am of those that can’t do single pull up haha. Try every excuse to avoid that. Up to 3 months ago I also could do a single push up. Was doing the assisted push-up(don’t want to call its sexist term). But definitely pull ups are my Achilles heel

  29. Same here just replace with something similar or stick to the assisted its all good as long as you are doing something instead of it and not removing it entirely you are good

  30. Seriously impressive brother, and you were smart to smarten up so young! That shirt is what every next day is ultimately about.

  31. No havnt got a doctor involved at all but I monitor everything by doing tests every 2 months or so to make sure everything is fine and all.

  32. You are on the road my friend, the road to good health!!

  33. Amazing transformation💪, happy for you bro ❤️

  34. This is awesome! I’ve just started with the 20:4 3 days ago, in addition to workouts. This is encouraging!!

  35. Thx a lot ❤️, but still a long way to go to deserve the congratulations

  36. 87lbs is huge!! You look like your before pics younger brother, losing weight and years! Keep up the good work!

  37. Fuck anyone and everyone's opinion you go what you need to do and its not gonna be easy specially mentally but go for it and ignore the noise, and good luck man ❤

  38. Wow great progress congrats man, hope I can reach that one day

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