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  1. You see things like that in the teleporter animation on the PS4 just before the game crashes. I've started up the teleporter at a space station and had it offer to sell me a frigate of a type no one has seen before or since. The game definitely has some odd stuff going on.

  2. He's saying what most black people believe, he's just saying it in front of white people.

  3. When journalist Stephen Glass was caught fabricating his award winning stories, one of the questions asked was if everyone was afraid to call him out because they would be accused of racism. When they made a movie about him (Shattered Glass, 2003) they sidestepped the whole issue by using a white actor.

  4. Repost from two days ago. Picture is probably twenty years old.

  5. Find the game folder and the .exe file that runs the game and start it from there instead of Steam. Let us know what the error messages are. Probably a missing .dll file.

  6. The problem I have with most of it is that it isn't particularly original. I'm getting less dread and more deja vu.

  7. If they want to get rid of medical misinformation, they need to start with the "healthy at any size" crowd.

  8. If you're careful you can feed it and make it a companion.

  9. The people who hate it are mostly comparing it to the much better Korean movie that it's based on, Into the Mirror.

  10. I use a dry erase board. The price was right, it has aluminum trim on all four sides to keep pieces from sliding off, and you can mark where the edges of the puzzle will be with a dry erase pen. 1500 pieces is pretty big to hold in your lap, I usually stay below 1,000 pieces.

  11. Okay! You think it would be lap worthy? Dry erase board?

  12. Mine is 35" x 23" it's pretty big to hold in your lap. My desk has a slide out on either side, so I put the board across them and watch Netflix on my PC while I work puzzles. Walmart has a 23" x 17" dry erase board, it depends on the size of your puzzle. If your puzzle is 36" x 24" it's not going to fit in your lap no matter what it's on.

  13. We need to make this a thing. "Our team won, everybody get naked" is much better than "we won, let's loot and burn."

  14. Are you sure you want everybody naked?

  15. Better to have flopping dicks than burning cars. Image if soccer matches looked like music festivals.

  16. There used to be way more mental hospitals in the US but if I'm not mistaken many were closed due to lack of funding. The states simply couldn't afford to keep them open which is why prisons became the de facto mental hospitals.

  17. They were closed because of a Supreme Court ruling. You can't confine people against their will unless they are a clear and present danger to themselves or others. NYC is about to get sued.

  18. Does recent publication really matter, if you're reading a Regency novel? As long as it's not written in a stuffy, old-fashioned style, you can read authors of any era, really.

  19. Grab a gravitino ball from an ancient ruin. They will find you.

  20. The spike protein can cause persistent inflammation whether you get it from the virus or the vaccine. People were talking about it in 2020, so it's definitely not only caused by the vax.

  21. Just because more women have something doesn't mean it's not real. Women are complicated beasts. They get PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, and weird side effects from various types of birth control. Then they hit menopause and have a whole new set of symptoms to work through. The obesity crisis also skews female and that's a whole different load of symptoms and comorbidities.

  22. We had long COVID before the shot, so not sure its only from the shot. But, we've been hearing the shot can destroy your immune system, so the rise in cases of long COVID could potentially be attributed to the shot.

  23. One of the explanations for long COVID is that if you get mono the virus doesn't go away, you just stop having symptoms. Covid damages your immune system, and the mono comes back. Same deal with chicken pox and shingles. Seems like shingles is a lot more common post COVID.

  24. Yeah but you actually get to choose a costume you like.

  25. Vintage formal wear, tie choices, there are options. Rock an ascot with a Nehru jacket. Massive lapels and a bow tie. Go with whatever Elton John has been wearing lately.

  26. Yeah but that doesn't help if you have a general distaste for anything formal.

  27. If you don't want to ever wear anything formal, then don't. Get a job that doesn't require it. We have uniforms provided to us, sometimes we even wear them.

  28. It can't be any random korvax system, it's a specific one. Make sure the correct mission is selected and check the galactic map.

  29. There isn't that much difference between normal and survival. Your inventory slots don't hold as much, etc. It shouldn't impact your gameplay in a significant manner.

  30. I get mine from crashed freighters while I'm salvaging crashed ships.

  31. I would say knock out the main story line and then do the Atlas storyline right after. You'll have all the portal glyphs and you will be able to see black holes on the galaxy map, so those are both huge. You can do both in like 40 to 45 hours, but its so worth it!

  32. One of the updates killed the value of activated indium, you're better off with gold now.

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