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  1. So alot of white imperialists finally get what is coming too them.I'm sure that sounds like the "end of humanity" to you, but Latin America and Africa would be just fine and Russia would be much better off without Moscow and Leningrad.

  2. White is colonial terminology, don’t apply it to Europe, we’re done with that bullshit.

  3. Don't know who that is but the book says that's the name of the Warband that separared from Black Legion.

  4. Precisely. This is something that is hinted at in GoT. In the first season when Jorah and Viserys are talking, Jorah spells out why he was exiled from Westeros and Viserys responds with something to the effect of it not really being a crime if he were king. This could just be Viserys talking shit to win Jorah's allegiance, but my takeaway from it was that Targaryens did have some different views on laws.

  5. Remember Visaerys spent most of his life on the free cities thinking of himself as a temporarily embarrassed monarch, from his perspective slavery was normal

  6. He would never use his dragon for evil things, he was a very wise king, kind, calm and gentle, the most selfless king i would, he cared about people like no one else ever did, i will never stop crying about the tragedy that happened to him, he didn't deserve it, justice for him!!

  7. Very aggressive for being called out that you don't have the reading comprehension to actually understand my post

  8. Honestly...I think maybe Iran would be a better option than Saudi.

  9. This sounds very Putin like, and not impossible. Considering Putin just finalized the annextion of the 4 regions

  10. Eh, he’s acting weakly about it. Remember the annex territory is officially the stuff russia held this morning when Putin signed it into law.

  11. More like he reasonably wants his buffers between Russia and Europe and it wasn't so long ago that Ukraine had a Russia friendly president. It's not insane to watch Ukraine slip away to the west and want to reclaim it.

  12. Those uniforms weren't lost, they were never made in the first place. The numbers were fudged on paper, and someone bought a nice villa in Tuscany with the money.

  13. Or they were made, paid for by the government at an exorbitant cost, then sold to western Airsoft supply stores for even more money

  14. …now I’m wondering what young Corlys will be like in the prequel prequel.

  15. This actor was a power house character in Outlander. He deserves more.

  16. Honestly I saw him on the casting and thought, oh shit, he has to be Otto, good job.

  17. Im hella surprised most people are against Alicent. She hasn’t done anything wrong yet.

  18. He is soooooo weak ... yes once he named her hier she should have been given increasing authority in making decisions to prepare her and let him play with his toys lol

  19. Dunno how anyone could see it as romantic. It's been made pretty clear neither is (nor ever was) interested in the other romantically. I also don't think there needed to be any manipulation. Laenor hasn't shown any real desire to exert power either as a king or a lord. Dude just wants to be happy and maybe fight in some wars. That speech he gave to Rhaenyra was obviously him saying that he had been failing in his duty because he wanted to be happy instead, but that he was willing to take his duty more seriously and give up his happiness. What more would Rhaenyra need to do to convince him to chase his happiness than just tell the truth? That he could better help her by allowing her to marry Daemon.

  20. I think they did care about each other, maybe they even loved each other, but they definitely weren’t in love.

  21. Imagine Daemon going around Driftmark asking all the servants which one was a total douche and wouldn't be missed? lol It's my headcanon now

  22. “You, page boy, one of the stewards was acting like a complete cunt, I need to know his name.”

  23. Is English your first language? They has always been an acceptable neutral singular term.

  24. Rhaenyra had moments before called for Aemond to be tortured for calling her sons a bastard.

  25. She said question him sharply, ie, be fucking stern. What reality are you in

  26. In the real world? Yeah sure it would mean that.

  27. No they cant. We build monuments, no pyramids tho. Wootz damascus steel, 12 layer or even Masamune 7 layer. I think Katanas by the masters now are 5-6 at most.

  28. The reason we don’t built pyramids anymore is they were acts of madness. The largest ones were from the 4th dynasty. Later pyramid builders built far more modest ones because they’re cheaper. From an engineering perspective the only difficult things would be paying for the Labour. The pyramid is literally the strongest shape in nature.

  29. Eejits like you will look at USS Iowa and say it was by Aliens or something in a century

  30. no regrouping even? I must say these recent sucess really suprise me, seems like the ukrainians have a ton of reserves to throw in now.

  31. They had an extra division come in from the U.K. recently. One wonders if their vehicles included some of the ones captured last month

  32. It’s got to help a lot when they are taking vehicles out for maintenance or repairs having more substitutes or vehicles to get spares from.

  33. Somehow I missed that lol, I noticed that he kept losing fingers and shit but somehow I missed him missing an arm that episode.

  34. No reason to, this war has demonstrated that they made the right decision in not investing in their navy in the first place. They have proven they can defend their harbours and rivers with shore based missiles for a fraction of the cost. What benefit would they have gained trying to fight the Russians on the black sea?

  35. Now they can put themselves in a position to influence the Black Sea and project power. By the end of the war Turkey will be the dominant power in that region though. Which has been every Tzar’s nightmare for centuries

  36. Every tank is a useful tank in some capacity, but at some point anything less than a T-90 is basically just a museum piece after this war. We're seeing a showcase of just how pointless anything pre-2000 era is from Javelin/NLAW work, much less other anti-tank systems on the field.

  37. The main use of the T-64s, 72s, and 80s in this war is infantry support (at least for the US)

  38. Past-tense, this was true, and in certain war zones it's even a reasonable support option, but weight/power/cost of maintenance is always a question. They need vehicles that don't require stockpiling old, old, old tech to maintain just as they require large stockpiles of newer materials to punch through the enemy.

  39. Tbh I think a lot of these tanks in use right now won’t survive the war by long. I don’t know much about tanks but I’ve studied naval history, and war is hell on ships. Back in WW2 the British had just finished modernising a few of their WW1 QE class ships. A damned good design in 1914, and still formidable in 1939. By 1944 they were so worn out they weren’t fit for much other than shore bombardment. I assume it’s much the same with tanks. You can modernise them, but they’re still old, and they get worn out

  40. Poor Corlys and Rhaenys, burying the daughter they haven't seen in years, while everyone else is running a political sex circus.

  41. My headcanon is that Otto is extremely conservative and stuffy "at work" but he's the number 1 party animal in Westeros off the clock.

  42. if Vis just starts calling every character Aemma now instead of their real name he will skyrocket to the top of my favorite TV characters of all time list.

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