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Trump's Republican support plummets by 20 points, new poll shows

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Trump Support Remains Unmoved by Investigations, Poll Finds

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The Republican Meltdown on Martha’s Vineyard: When the residents of the tiny island town responded to Ron DeSantis’s stunt with a clinical demonstration of civic virtue, the right just about lost their damn minds.

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  1. I wonder how many of the 46% that don’t support him for 2024 are because they know he motivates Democrats to vote…

  2. You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

  3. The Expanse has a long and central theme running through it, that Holden I believe has some internal monologues about in the books.

  4. Been tempted to “trip and spill my coffee” on their phones/speakers.

  5. Unfortunately the damn things are waterproof now. So that won't solve the issue

  6. No text is the main thing, and a simpler design. It should be able to be drawn by a child and distinctive on a flagpole.

  7. Yep. Came across the “5 rules of good flag design” as well a year or two ago. So true. The recent resurgence of the original Maine flag is a good example of it.

  8. Jesus never married and hung out with 12 dudes. It is safe to assume he was gay.

  9. Wellllll…there was at least one female prostitute he hung with a lot. Could be he was bi with strong homosexual lean.

  10. Holy fuck, there was three of them? I thought it was the one scumbag but to now read there was a trio of them.... man!

  11. Two were twin brothers. Just to add a little more Maury to this disgusting saga.

  12. “…and we just raised you from the dead so you can figure out who’s killing entire human colonies.”

  13. Fair? I guess so. My inclination is to toss every one of these chucklefucks in jail for 10 years. However, my inclination is not law.

  14. He’s imagining any interaction between MR and anyone else. Early in S1, i.e. the first time Elliot visits F. society’s arcade location, when Romero opens the door he only looks at Elliot, not MR (cause he’s not there), and has a look of “man, fuck you you’re so annoying/where the fuck have you been?)

  15. Been live-tracking our band practices for months now without issue. Haven't changed anything that I know of in either Logic or the X-Air app, but last night, this is how our tracks were recorded. And the .aiff files themselves sound the same outside of Logic - just bad digital noise, similar to the sound an old 56k modem would make when connecting to the internet. I use a Behringer XR-18 for the interface, and it's hard-wired via ethernet to my mac running both the interface app and Logic v.10.4.7. Just wondering if anyone has come across this, because I haven't changed anything and it's happening in every old practice file I open and try to track in, while the old existing audio looks and sounds fine. It's def an input issue...

  16. Happened to me a time or two. Something went wrong in Logic and it recorded a mess, looked just like this. No idea what causes it. Only way I know to avoid it is to test record before your session and watch for it. If it happens, restart Logic and/or your computer and try again.

  17. 250 million? Does Trump even have that much? Fake billionaire.

  18. This picture leaves a lot to the imagination-

  19. Some of those pictured are the volunteers. They’re happy to be helping, the migrants are probably happy someone is actually trying to help them rather than use them.

  20. Get ready for the mods to remove this due to being "oFf ToPiC"

  21. Yep. I read this on another person’s post last night. By the time I was finished reading it they had already removed the post.

  22. Hi Warglebargle2077. Your submission from was removed for being behind a paywall. Articles posted to

  23. Independent has no paywall. There’s a registration prompt you can click to not do.

  24. Ohhh…that’s right! That’s exactly why President Biden halted all construction on our border? Because everything is A-Okay down there, and no one “expects them” to handle the issue; but they are.

  25. They kicked them out within 48, not 24 hours. I would argue that they're missing the forest for the trees. I think that there's a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right.

  26. “They” didn’t do that, if “They” is MV residents. Charlie Baker, our Republican governor, deployed NG personnel to facilitate moving people to a facility set up to take in displaced people (for example during natural disasters like hurricanes). That’s his fucking job.

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