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  2. The subreddit boardgamedeals is linked in this subreddits info.

  3. We have VERY similar tastes! There are some new games that can be really fun, but I agree that being new does not automatically make a game better than existing favorites. I'll have to pull my top 10 games and see when they were made. I bet the average date would be 2010-ish. I have a pretty wide variety though, and it primarily spans at least 5 decades. (Not counting games like chess, haha.)

  4. Great thoughts. I don't know that it will catch on, but I see no problem in explaining a game that way if it makes sense to you and to those you are teaching.

  5. I would recommend you consider Codenames DUET. At least look into it.

  6. If the numbers changed, possibly some versions of HeroClix.

  7. I really like Extra! Extra! Read all about it!. I'm not sure exactly how it plays at 2 since we always play 3-5, but it is my favorite worker placement game. Lots of options and the ability to outbid your opponent(s) for spots. Watch some how-to-play videos though. We learned straight from the rulebook and it was a little overwhelming. To be fair, none of us had ever played a worker placement game at all before. If you have, it might be a lot easier to grasp. Super fun and I would play it with 2, but we always have at least 1 other person that wants to get in the game with us.

  8. I loved everything about this! Great job! Which of your favorite games didn't pass the "not too weird or awkward" test for your table names?

  9. Here's what I found on Google. It's most likely you were playing some variation of this game with someone who came up with their own name for their custom variation. In one iteration of this game, after the rounds are played, the loser had to wear a jester's hat during the next set of play (a la Scum). This may be where the "Idiot" part of the name you remember comes from or it could be completely non related.

  10. Hello! You hit the nail on the head! I love your thought about how they came up with the "idiot" part from the jester.

  11. Legendary: a Marvel Deck Building Game is my all time favorite game. Plus it offers near infinite replayability with the number of expansions I have.

  12. I love how many people save a spot for a game that their significant other will play with them!

  13. It's good to engage in a favorite hobby with a favorite person!

  14. I am realizing that this can easily change from a game into a maths problem... And for some people, it has. Haha

  15. Any setup with no bonus actions is just terrible.

  16. We've played a couple that were okay. But borderline terrible for sure.

  17. We play online with family that are an 8 hour difference in time. That solves most of your issues. It isn't the same as in person, but we run a simultaneous video call so we can still smack talk and have conversations we would have if we were playing in person.

  18. Roborally, I think. First encountered it as an undergrad engineering student and, while I knew intellectually that there was more to boardgaming than Monopoly, this knocked my socks right off. It was SO DIFFERENT.

  19. I like buying a bunch of new games at a time, I usually get most of my games during black Friday and boxing day, and I have 0 patience in waiting, I open every game when I get home and I learn the rules and play all of them as soon as we can. We already bought something like 5-6 games on black Friday, and later that same day we played them all, hehehe.

  20. I also like to buy games when they are on sale... So I can justify buying more of them. Haha

  21. I enjoy discovering effective play over time rather than being handed (or even making it a goal to quickly discover) the absolute most effective strategies to dominate other players in a game (or the game itself). It kind of breaks the game for me if there is one thing about it that is too powerful. So I like to not be aware of that thing. Tips on gameplay here and there are fine, but I'd rather not be exposed to, or search for, that thing that actually removes the fun from a game without at least experiencing the parts of the game that do work first. I do enjoy a good competitive game between others at my same level. But I don't think I'll ever even want to push myself to the level of seeking that unbeatable move or combination since that isn't what excites me most about playing games. To some gamers, that is the real challenge and what excites them the most. And I understand that. And I'm cool with that. People play games for different reasons. That's not one of mine.

  22. when my family plays Bohnanza, if you play a Magpie card you’ve gotta “Caw Caw!” as you reveal it. we also have what we call ‘sad Caw Caws’ if you’re forced to play a Magpie but have no cards to steal.

  23. That's a LOT of categories and mechanics! Definitely more out there to explore. It doesn't really let me know what people think are the better options I might not have tried though.

  24. It's been years since I played but I found the whole game was really quite choiceless if I recall.

  25. I picked it up secondhand for cheap and it had like 7 expansions with it. I thought, "this must be good if someone bought all those expansions". Well, I was wrong. If I ever figure out a way to save the game, I'll try and let you know.

  26. Engine and deck builders where the game ends right before you get to run your engine how you want it.

  27. We often play these type of games beyond the rulebook's defined endgame and find that we have a lot more fun. We give the first person to satisfy the rulebook's endgame bonus points toward the final tally and allow them to still say they "won" the "real" game, even if they end up losing the fun game.

  28. There is an evergreen answer for this question on this sub about playing Hanabi competitively.

  29. I think they mean the players are playing competitively against each other, rather than cooperating to all win together. I can't even see how there'd be a game left to play.

  30. That's hilarious! My mom is the biggest Hanabi cheater there is.

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