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  1. Interesting. A reboot has mine temporarily working again. But I know at some point it will stop again. Probably a bug somewhere. Hope they push out a fix in the next update. Cheers

  2. Yeah me too. A reboot helps for a few days then reverts back to not working.

  3. I saw you mentioned he liked Star Wars and you mentioned longevity and playing for several years... Possibly Star Wars Risk? I've never played it so I can't say whether or not it's too complex for that age. Box says 10+, BGG community says 8+.

  4. Okay. I might get blasted for this because it isn't a board game, but on Sunday afternoons when I was about that age my dad and I would each take a side of the room and set up 20 army men on tables, couches, stacks of books, piano benches... whatever, and shoot rubber bands at the other person's "army" until we knocked down all of the other soldiers. You only need 1 rubber band because you just take turns shooting it back and forth. We had the thicker rubber band that I think came on the newspaper... Around 1/4 inch thick, I believe. You could start out with 5 or 10 soldiers each and from a closer distance until the eye/hand coordination builds and/or let your child shoot from a closer distance. You could also use dinosaurs, G.I. Joe figures, whatever, and you could throw ping pong balls instead of shooting rubber bands if that's easier. If it tips over or gets knocked off what it's on, it's "dead". Also, they have to be placed in the open such that they can be hit with a direct hit. Them's the rules.

  5. Don't know where it fits on the list but I love Extra! Extra! Read All About It

  6. Santorini. You play as a Greek god with specific powers and compete against other gods to build and reach the third floor of a building.

  7. Extra! Extra! Read all about it (sorry, I don't know how to bold on mobile). It's a worker placement game where you are collecting and typesetting articles and photos, headlines and columns to fill a newspaper.

  8. It looks like they are talking about this, in which case it should come with 16 of them.

  9. Info for OrbaDrone - Faded Light:

  10. We're going on a trip to Europe in a few days, and I have Hive Pocket, Ultra Tiny Epic Galaxies, Mint Works and Mint Delivery. Should be enough to keep us busy at nights if we want to rest.

  11. The Crew was great to have on our Europe trip. Played a few scenarios each night.

  12. We give 6 bonus points to the first player to get to 15 points... Then keep playing until ALL the cards are gone. There is a different strategy to winning the "long" game vs winning the short game. We've found this modification generally more enjoyable to play for everyone.

  13. We had a few players in our group that would only pick up cards from the top tier, horde all of one color chips and reserve 3 cards to play 3 5 pointers to win while others were just getting started building their engine. It wasn't very fun. (The example is exaggerated and mathematically flawed, but you get the idea.) Under the new scenario, they can still do that if they want to, but building the engine becomes a little more important than quickly nabbing a few high point cards and ending the game before it really even gets going for some of the players. A lot more strategy comes out in the gameplay, we've found. We started out just playing all the cards, but we had some whining from the "real" winners because the long term strategy almost always came back to beat them. Giving the first to 15 some bonus points for reaching that milestone first helped balance things quite a bit. We just toss them 2 extra nobles from the box without them needing to pay the cost. (To follow the theme, we just say that they impressed the nobles with their fast rise to get to 15 points so quickly.) And not only are they the first to 15, but they automatically jump to 21... so your engine needs to be pretty good to overtake them over the long haul, and winning the nobles may also be easier for those with more cards worth fewer points each. There are multiple good strategies that are now fairly balanced in effectiveness. The game actually doesn't take significantly longer because more cards can be picked up for free or little cost once the engines get going. Sometimes tier 1 is the last to run out because players would rather pay chips to get 3 or 4 points on their turn rather than pick up a free card worth 0 or 1 point.

  14. No problem. Let me know what you think about it after playing. It took some players a few plays to decide they were okay with the modification, and we allow the first player to 15 to call themselves the "real" winner of the game. But we all still enjoy playing until every card is taken. Play continues only until the last card is picked up off the table, so the last couple cards are usually reserved just to end the game unless someone still has a playable card for points in their hand and has the resources to pay to play it.

  15. It's trash. So many bits on my butt. What should I switch to?

  16. We switched to Sam's. We don't love it, but it's better than the current Costco formula. We are open to other suggestions as well.

  17. Oops I was thinking of the wrong game, my bad

  18. No problem. I'd be all over a version I could play outdoors in light wind.

  19. This is fucking hilarious. If you make it I'll buy a few copies! Though I'd suggest a version without the hidden cheat numbers as well, so we can play hard mode ;) Use

  20. Unless I'm misunderstanding something, their pricing is really good. I might just have to print my own custom decks as well. Thanks!

  21. The Crew and Splendor sound perfect, plus, they can both be massively reduced in size if you take them out of their boxes, or take the inserts out of their boxes. I wrap decks and chips etc in Saran wrap when we travel and put 10-12 games in a single box in my carry-on backpack. You could easily fit those 2 plus Carcassonne, San Juan, 6 Nimmt, Monopoly Deal, Cover Your Assets, Love Letter, Hanabi, Quixx, Catan Dice and Bang Dice in the Splendor box alone. We also play The Mind using the deck of cards from 6 nimmt when we travel so we don't bring both decks. We just keep track of health points and passes (I forget what they are actually called) on a piece of paper. Some of those are lighter than others, and you likely won't play them all, but we've found that we like having the options when we are visiting different people on our trips who all have different tastes. And if we can fit them all in one box, it's NBD. I can't imagine playing Love Letter for a whole trip, but it sure is nice to have for a little bit of something different between other games, and it's only like 16 cards. You can just keep track of wins on paper rather than bringing along the tokens (we have The Hobbit version). You can do this with a number of games and really consolidate what you need to take with you to have a lot of options in just one or 2 boxes worth of space.

  22. My beautiful wife loves me when she beats me at games. I gladly accept any consolation prizes.

  23. We share a lot more games than the last post like this I saw. Looks fantastic! I like the cooler nearby and I like to see that at least one person you game with loves you. :)

  24. Really confused. My company has a business cc and I can't even recategorize some expenses to things like dues or rent, etc. that don't fit into their dozen or so pre-determined categories, more than half of which we will likely never use. For a business product, this seems a little ridiculous. I'd like the transactions to be able to be sucked into quickbooks in the appropriate categories, but, nope. No way to do that. Have to manually enter each transaction in quickbooks as a split line item for each cc transaction for the cc transaction in qb. Makes me rethink getting the Chase business cc.

  25. There are some things you can do in real life that some apps don't let you do. For example, in Ticket to Ride. When someone chooses routes in a physical game, the others can choose to keep playing. Not on the app. Some players may not want to keep playing in order to not give that player additional info before choosing their route(s), but in real life, we usually keep playing. The wait is noticeable and sometimes painful online, probably because the rest of the game moves fairly quickly. I like Dominion online because it handles all the shuffling and plays the cards correctly 99% of the time. The problem I have with the online version is that, because the points and card count for every pile are shown the entire time, the game becomes a mad dash for points rather than an attempt to build an awesome engine. It isn't that the same information isn't available or ascertainable in the physical game, but we find that in the physical version, most of us enjoy the deck building aspect so much that we tend to hold off on going for big points for at least a round or two longer, which, for me at least, makes the rest of the game significantly more enjoyable, even if I don't win.

  26. In fairness, the Dominion example is a you/your group thing. In general you're trying to get more points before anyone else and find a way to end the game while you're ahead. That's the whole goal.

  27. I agree with both statements. I understand they plan to eventually implement a setting to toggle showing card and point counts by default. Assuming one could click to reveal since counting the remaining cards is allowed in the physical version as well... Just not always known to everyone all the time.

  28. No worries. I didn't know how close RB was to 18xx. The nature of 18xx means that the game can often be accurately called several rounds before the 'end' and/or a spread sheet or web app can be used to calculate the results of those final rounds. After a 4-5 hour game, most are perfectly happy to shave off another 1-2 hours of play time that would largely amount to just going through the motions.

  29. I haven't played the 18xx games, so I'm not sure either. Calling a game with 1-2 hours more of playtime where the outcome is already determined at that point makes total sense.

  30. If it was a 2 player game and it was clear I had been bested with no chance of recovery, and that there were many hours left to play, we likely would have called the game.

  31. Any game I buy the digital app for. Whenever I have the digital version I play it way too much to the point where I don’t feel like playing the physical version. Or I play it so much that I get too good at the game and no longer find it fun to play with my friends/family. Examples of this are Lost Cities, potion explosion, santorini , istanbul

  32. I only play Santorini 3-player unless I'm teaching someone new. 2 and 4 player are meh. I still haven't gotten tired of 3 player. Of course, that's with specific human opponents. I don't really think I'd like playing it against AI or random internet opponents at all.

  33. When I first read the title of this post I thought it was something the House of Representatives had done, and was confused.

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