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  1. They should have posted this during trading. Tomorrow will be green. The more these get out being used and visible the more they will sell.

  2. 1 truck is not enough. Not even a LOI for 'up to‘ X orders … stocks goes down further.

  3. No, they would have negative shares if they were short.

  4. Thanks. So there is a 1% hope that NKLA can get over 10-15 USD again. I believe the 50USD are out of reach for next 10 years. If they are still operating in that time. Their financial situation is a mess. They will dilute their shares instead of taking debt.

  5. What we want in the next AMA: MTL going live next week. Buybacks resuming immediately now lawyers are back from 6 month vacation. Utility going live once MTL has launched. Binance listing. Pokémon launch with airdrops to OMI holders.

  6. I assume your right. A horrible idiotic project management at Veve. They are only recording a video , they don’t have any courage to face investors.

  7. They better sell their damn trucks before taking care of more diversity. I’m sick of all the Blabla! Underperformers!!!

  8. Great video. Great progress. Next up….sales🔥🚀

  9. They really need to have actual sales. Even 50 trucks would be ridiculous. They need real numbers! Until now I just see blabla Milton style.

  10. I heard they will show it tomorrow , stay tuned !😬

  11. .. good news .. and again .. down it goes .. any news on the Anheuser Busch event?

  12. Yeah well, I guess we all need to wait and see. DCA along when possible. However calling a bottom is hard, I was wrong the last 2 times. The whole hydrogen market is down since a year. So as soon as hydrogen will get a more positive outlook, Nikola should profit from that too. But currently JPM hedge buddies a shorting hydrogen massively (except for plug power). That „mood“ needs to change. I’m guessing the tide will change around 2024-2025. Till the, hodl on.

  13. .. don´t think / hope so .. too many good news .. and a high short float which has to be covered at some point in the mid term if nikola proceeds as they did in the last weeks .. i´m hoping for the earnings release .. but a little frustrating anyways ..

  14. Wait until the fed raises rates. Nkla will suffer more. Not happy about it. But better face reality. We were fooled by Milton. He is an lying a-hole. Only time will tell if we retailers and Nikola as a company can recover from his lying circus. They better get production up, so far it’s more like a handcraft workshop. No tooling / production line in their „factory“.

  15. Hoping for production and sales numbers go up, hoping for that short squeeze to happen, hoping never to hear from Milton again (except for his prison announcement).

  16. You can be glad it’s not listed on big exchanges (yet). Buy more omi, it’s still relatively unknown. Thank me later. 😉

  17. @Redwing, you are making good points. Nevertheless I massively doubt Nikola can produce 2400 trucks in 2022. If they could get to that target, or even to 1500 units this year, I will happily change my opinion and become more optimistic. It’s just that they talked and „planned to do“ a lot in the past 2 years. They need to fulfill their plans with action. They are in a massive „proof me“ section.

  18. Did you see the inside of the factory in the muro live videos? They are empty. I mean there is no tooling, no production line. They can’t produce much trucks like that. Hope Milton pay’s for the shlt he has created for investors. Also no fan of Nathan Anderson too. He better has good personal security measures …

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