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  1. Nope but I can confirm that the 992 GTS is 👌🏻

  2. I just took delivery of the 992 GTS and it’s incredible. My first Porsche.

  3. How come the side indicator light is not blacked like the rear lights ?

  4. I absolutely love it. Best car I’ve ever driven.

  5. This list is so all over the place. I find it hard to believe you’re going to place an order based on this vote. If so, more power to you. You’re like the Elon Musk of the Porsche sub!

  6. It's just curiosity. I traded my '22 Panamera4 for the Cayenne Turbo. I might go 911. I enjoy being all over the place, trying new stuff.

  7. I’d go with the 911 then. I’m picking up my first p-car in a few days. Just got to the dealer.

  8. Congrats. I hope yours won’t have a bad part that necessitated almost a month of repair time upon picking it up, like mine did. Also hope you don’t have the awful rattle in the rear passenger area and passenger door, like mine does. Hope you get a Porsche you can be proud of and not a piece of shit, like mine is.

  9. I’ll report back on my experience once I get it.

  10. No, they said I would pay list plus taxes and title.

  11. A sleeper! Lol, if there ever was such a thing in Porsche land. My buddy drives an e63 AMG wagon with all emblems removed, then smokes people with his “station wagon”.

  12. I’m not a super knowledgeable car guy, but this looks more like IBS to me…

  13. What about the chef show on Netflix? He seems like a regular dude too.

  14. Porsche, there is no substitute, best line in the whole movie.

  15. The white is always a classic and you can keep it forever. If your taste evolves, you may not be digging the yellow or red down the line.

  16. It’s my moms car unfortunately I’m not near wealthy enough to afford A.Lange but that is a dream! I paid $1200 for this Sinn

  17. Wear it in good health my man. You’ll get there. And Sinn makes tough as nails, respectable watches. You have good taste.

  18. I like it a lot! Is that Guards Red? Beautiful.

  19. Jeep Grand Cherokee -> replacing it with a 2022 911 C4 GTS

  20. Talk about night and day! That’s a lot of car, take your time and don’t let the awd fool you, these cars break loose easily.

  21. Thanks for the advice! I’m super stoked. Im scheduled to take delivery in May. Always wanted a 911 since I was a kid. Tbh, I’ve never really driven anything like this so I’m going to ease into it.

  22. I didn’t think so until I saw these pics. I don’t know where the line is drawn, but it has been crossed.

  23. Been wearing this watch on and off for over a month now about and really in love with it.

  24. Thanks for the feedback! Hope you wear it in good health!

  25. I have the white one and posted my thoughts on another thread a while back -

  26. I had no fucking clue they made 912 Targas, and even less so that they made 912 with Fuchs! This is fantastic!

  27. I’m so sorry to hear this brother. I have my watches insured through BriteCo and they cover this kind of stuff for sure. I personally beat the shit out of my watches and don’t care about scratches and all that. So, I wear my Rolex watches during everything…. No need taking it off in the future for some laptop work. If you’re gonna wear it, WEAR it.

  28. Waiting on my 2022 911 Carrera 4 GTS. Tech Sales and Stonks

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