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  1. Se você quiser mostrar contrastes, talvez uma foto tirada da Praia de São Conrado seja ainda melhor

  2. Honestly no. I am not going to sit here and pretend that we all didn't complain about how long and exhausting the episodes were coupled with all the franchises. I hated those extended episodes. They were filled with trauma dumping and some really annoying red herrings. Because you all will go back to being annoyed that the show is 90 min and trauma porn.

  3. you're absolutely right. I'm completely fine with episodes being ~40 minutes long, I'd say it's actually an improvement. the only problem I had with the last episode was the runway being too rushed, but again that has more to do with the amount of queens on the cast

  4. I wish they would stop casting queens who are clearly only there because they couldn't get on drag race.

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  6. Hate the mole that runs this account, but why did M&P make this show all ages? "Grooming" is definitely the wrong term here, but this performance by Jimbo is def not "all ages" appropriate. If you see a movie at the cinema it has a content rating

  7. It wasn't actually marketed as all ages as far as I can tell. You can go on their website and view all the promo cards they've used for this tour and the Austin one does not say "all ages" and neither do any of the other ones I saw. It was just these idiots bringing their kids when they shouldn't.

  8. the thing is it DOES say "all ages event" in the description. (at least at the time libsoftiktok blasted this if it doesnt anymore) That was followed by an adult content warning. M&P should have age restricted this show as you would a movie with adult content, and the fact that they didnt is shortsighted and now puts the queens in danger.

  9. If that’s what you understood from this I’m gonna be charitable and assume English isn’t your first language and not just that you have the reading comprehension of a four year old.

  10. I personally find it hard to believe that an accomplished author wouldn't appreciate the high level discussions taking place here

  11. Either this is satire and I’m and idiot or you’ve sent off the classic signal that you’re an idiot by taking an autogenerated username literally

  12. satire is dead and we have killed it. long live the accomplished authors of the world

  13. These are the same people that will go eat at a chick fil a or shop at hobby lobby and be like "I know I shouldn't be here but the food is just so good or the prices are just so low" I'm an ex missionary and extremally anti religious but I always think of "first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye."

  14. do you even know what goes on in Israel? this is about literal people being violently oppressed, it's not the same thing as buying a sandwich at chick fil a and making that comparison is honestly very insensitive

  15. Apesar dele estar tomando vários medidas erradas eu acho que o Twitter é um daqueles casos “too big to fail”

  16. como que o tinder sabe se você teve um encontro com alguém? e se vcs depois transaram?

  17. Isso eles perguntam pra eu responder.

  18. I don’t think she’s pressed, she seems genuinely hurt. Sigourney recently said it best that putting your art out there at the level of visibility they do is extremely difficult and when adding to the fact Dragula monsters often make almost all of their outfits and their aestethic is tied very deeply to their identity and life, it hurts to see it not received well especially considering this is supposed to be an alt community.

  19. girl... her look was obviously a hard sell for most people, she cannot be shocked that some folks were just not into it

  20. Girl, they’re entitled to feeling some type of way about other people’s opinions on their work. They’re human beings putting themselves out there, it’s natural to not feel good if people trash what you do. Let’s remember these are real people, not robots generating content for our entertainment. We can discuss and give our honest opinions, and they can feel whatever they want to feel about our opinions too. It’s normal to feel good when we get praised, and down when we get negative criticism

  21. I agree with you but if it really bothers them THAT MUCH maybe they shouldn't be here in the first place. this is a space for fans not for the ghouls

  22. This. Jesus this show is my soul spirit compared to Drag Race but honestly the lack of originality and ability to have contestants showcase themselves outside of a fog filled runway is really hard. I need acting, naturalist qualities, some newness. Not just lip syncing to songs no one knows.

  23. Recreio: 399 - is bar con pista de skate, bons preços Barra - Seu bar. Bom ambiente e comida na olegario Jacarepaguá - Taboca

  24. cara vou bastante no taboca e nunca ouvi eles tocarem rock kkkk geralmente ficam no samba/pagode

  25. Quem tá fazendo protesto essa semana é um bosta na mesma medida dos PM corrupto, mas também tem que ser MUITO bosta pra olhar pra essas imagens e não se revoltar.

  26. Cirúrgico. É isso aí mesmo. Parte de mim quer ficar feliz de ver esses fascistas provando do próprio remédio, mas é lógico que a abordagem não deveria ser assim.

  27. Seriously, they would've fit right in at my grad school program for social justice librarians. I am physically compelled to stan forever.

  28. I thought Ruple was going to announce DR Thailand Season 3 I'm so disappointed 😞

  29. o único conselho que eu posso te dar é sair desse lugar assim que for possível. estou há cinco anos num emprego assim e não vale a pena, o lugar simplesmente destruiu o meu psicológico

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