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  1. You do run the risk of mildew and bud rot at 65% but it’s not terrible just try to go over

  2. Probably something to do with ph and potassium, what’s your runoff?

  3. idk it looks a little too dry for it to work, i tried taping my plant that looked dry like this and the branch died. he might be able to make a fresh cut on both parts and tape it like that

  4. It’s all over now and i’m in college, i brought the weed from the plant on the right with me. It was really fun tho

  5. i had an auto i stunted as a baby and i got a single 1.5 gram nug from it

  6. Take a rolling paper and wipe it all inside the jar to get a nice coat of dabs in ur roll

  7. Hot steamy grow room. Control ur humidity keep fresh air coming in.

  8. I think next time he should choose the densest bud structure and keep humidity 65+ with 85+ F and no airflow to avoid this next time. He’s only got a small amount of those super potent trichomes, personally i like mine covered in them since the high just makes me feel like death.

  9. those are those super potent trichomes, last time i smoked those i got brain rot 🔥🔥

  10. The white parts look kinda like some mildew. Mould basically. I've got it on my pumpkin leaves but it never really did anything to the plants. It's especially likely if there's constant high humidity where you live. Sorry but I can't help with the brown spots :( hope it survives. I heard magnolias can be finicky. Also neem oil only helps with pests. It's pretty light so it won't help much if you've got any big infestations. Never heard of people using neem oil for mould

  11. I looked for mold and rot but everything is good…maybe it’s the photo

  12. if you look closely you can see water all over the place and on the buds, it’s definitely bud rot imo there’s too much brown

  13. Stop buying from amazon and shop local. You can get lots of valuable information at your local hydro store.

  14. Local shops in my area mark everything up so badly so i just go for amazon

  15. Could be thrips. The little black specks are their poop. Spray some spinosad to get rid of them.

  16. Climate change/global warming is the new norm...It will only get worse. And, generations of humans, burning fossil fuel is what caused it.

  17. Forreal I can’t tell if it’s just me tripping out or if the seasons are starting and ending later and later every year

  18. growing dope 😂☠️ i talked to her about it same with my dad and they support it now

  19. I'd wager that if you found it within yourself to quit (at least for a couple months), you would notice massive improvements.

  20. Yeah, i’m starting college in twenty days and I don’t want to see myself abusing substances everyday. I’m taking it easy right now and am trying to quit nicotine since i’ve started to get this weird feeling in my lungs. I know that quitting weed will be a lot more difficult for me but I know how much negative impact it’s had on my life and I can’t see it being worth it just because i want to chill out on my pc at night. I’ll take your advice and start heading to the gym frequently like I used to.

  21. Yeah, that’s because you smoke every day. You’re overloading your endocannabinoid system daily and pushing your tolerance sky high, so when you’re not smoking regular things seem wayyyyy more boring than they would be if you hadn’t smoked for a week!

  22. You’re right forsure, not even just being bored but other things like my sex drive being garbage and hardly feeling emotions sometimes is part of it too, not sure if weed and nicotine is just trashing my testosterone levels. Everytime I quit i feel like i’m completely fine after a few days but then i smoke again for the first time and then it’s the day after and the day after until the cycle starts again… i’ve got a huge issue with self control, my dad is the exact same way.

  23. It should be noted that the battery that powers the engine and the battery that powers everything else are two separate batteries.

  24. You sure? i kept my car on a sidewalk listening to music and using heaters and the seat heaters for two days and i would notice the battery gradually going down. probably lost like 25 miles in those 2 days

  25. here in cali we call that mid 😭 im sorry but it’s good compared to the stuff i’ve seen

  26. bro, everything pretty much other than landraces are hybrids at this point. The only thing that matters is terpene profile, limonene is what gives that sativa like effect myrcene is better known for indica like effects.

  27. the terp profile is definitely not the only thing that matters… and yeh whenever literally anyone talks about indica or sativa they’re talking about and indica or sativa dominant hybrids. it’s usually easier to say a strain is a sativa or indica than listing the exact percentages :)

  28. Sorry I didn’t mean to say it was the only thing that mattered, terpenes actually have effects if you look it up and some produce more energy or relaxation. Sativas tend to have a higher concentration in is limonene and pinene which produce that energized feel, indicas have a higher concentration of myrcene. The terpenes are what makes a strains high different, pure thc will just produce a very flat high.

  29. From what I've seen, the actual guy does great work. He just charges out the ass for it.

  30. There’s a whole story about how he ripped off Olin Grant after his death but i’m not too sure how the story goes. Anyways what I’ve heard makes it way too risky to spend so much money on a cut, i’ve seen some cuts go up to 10k but it’s still too much for the risk.

  31. Looks like a scam. Also 1250 for seeds is ridiculous unless you are getting several hundred at one time. I know certain strains/cuttings can go for high but I think it’s pretty stupid. You can get good genetics for around $10 a seed.

  32. Yep 40 percent seemed super weird to me too, also i was under the impression that these were cuts so I wasn’t too surprised by the cost but 1.25k for some seeds is crazy

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