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Ohtani strikes out his Angel teammate Mike Trout for the final out and wins the WBC for Japan!

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  1. Mariners fans think are really cocky after coming out of a 21 year playoff drought 😂

  2. Yesterday I went to the store, I dropped a $20 bill and didn’t notice, a small child chased after me and handed it to me

  3. Rhys is one of my favorite first basemen right behind Matt Olson. Sad to see this 😭

  4. Bizarre. I hope he kicks ass, but he’s been shaky all spring. I know we’re strapped for starters with Kap still ramping up from injury and Blackburn out with a finger injury, but damn. I thought it was going to be Fuji v Ohtani, would’ve made a shit ton of money too. When was the last time an MLB team has a prospect be their opening day pitcher? Can’t think it happens much.

  5. Yup, he and Sears have both been a shaky. I hope they can put it together

  6. Excited to see what our younger guys can do, but his performance today has been shaky

  7. Ridiculous speed from the pinch runner

  8. Relying only on a condom is way too risky, I’m gonna pass on that one

  9. Good quality condoms don’t get broken, and you can buy ones that are exactly your side. Another point is that pills don’t prevent STDs, while almost everything is treatable many STDs can cause infertility in both men and women. Lastly pills only work if they are taken regularly, one missed pill can mean a pregnancy.

  10. “Good quality” condoms can break… and why are you talking about STDs? The pill was never meant to prevent STDs it prevents pregnancy

  11. I come in at 8, I take my 30 minute break when we have our staff meal around 11:00.

  12. Exactly. Mexico’s pitchers Sandoval and Assad did a great job at silencing our hitters

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