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  1. It's unpleasant to watch. Makes the game worse.

  2. If they get consistent with the calls and players adjust it will make the product so much better though

  3. i know a lot of people pick out Eric Collins' shouting during highlights as the hallmark of the Charlotte broadcast, but I feel like most people miss out on how good they actually are together as a broadcast crew (and Ashley). I always enjoy it when Eric makes some obscure geography reference and how it relates to this game (or a player) and I enjoy how they give props to players on other teams when they see a great play.

  4. I won’t forget the time he said something along the lines of “the next game is in Dallas, the largest city in America without a major body of water”

  5. Nah. Ever since they rebalanced RQs it’s been passable

  6. Doug being that small next to this thing really showcases just how massive it is.

  7. This dude permanently killed pro basketball in Kentucky just to go buy Buffalo for the same price it would’ve cost to join the NBA.

  8. So he switched courts but only after the the encounter? Because in the video it looks like the other side was open

  9. I don’t think he switched based on the direction that the 76 is facing in the two videos. The ladder could’ve been moved while he went to go get another ball.

  10. Coop is so much more aggressive this year and he’s playing well because of it. He’s a great shooter and I’m glad that he’s not afraid to let it fly now. That was my biggest issue with him last year. What a win.

  11. Had a feeling the lakers would be mentioned in bridges sweepstakes

  12. I’ve been calling this for months. Miles is a MAJOR Klutch guy and LeBron loves him.

  13. MLB: "As punishment, neither the Yankees nor the Mets can sign Judge. He will play for the Kansas City Royals instead, who will pay him $450 million over 10 years."

  14. Weirdly enough that’s basically what happened in my current play through of the show. Judge is a royal. Tim Anderson is an A.

  15. Lol. Y’all ate up that post about the nets defense being so much better without Kyrie over like 3 games and then they do this

  16. Hey they’re updating a lot of tags, that’s cool

  17. Seriously asking... Is there someone with a lower bbiq than oubre?

  18. Dwayne “by the time he gets to the rim he doesn’t know what he’s doing” Bacon

  19. This guy should be getting some run for the Hornets right now. Makes no sense to me that Richards is playing minutes for them but not Williams.

  20. Nick is averaging 10/6 for us on 60% shooting. It’s plumlee who needs to be off this team. He might legitimately be the most frustrating player I’ve watched on this team in the last few years and I’ve seen Michael-Carter Williams.

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