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  1. Well, it's pretty common in the nfl to speak highly of a player or coach before they get the boot

  2. People don't want to consider Snowfall an all time great because it's not tradition.

  3. Let’s pump the brakes on Snowfall and Wire in the same breath alright. Just let it actually finish first damn. The ending could be complete dog shit for all we know

  4. This character was on dope too, I’m sure he also had a rare motorcycle.

  5. Please don't say it's name, it might accidentally help it gain traction!

  6. Nahhh. It has about as much novelty and actual competition as let’s say “Competitive Dwarf Swim Racing”

  7. I agree, but I would have laughed at my wife if she told me 5 years ago that the United States would ban abortions and try and prosecute a 13 year old who was raped for not wanting the baby.

  8. Kinda apples to shotgun shells. But yes the Idiocracy Doctrine is alive and well in the US

  9. My wife and I strongly considered homeschooling. Not to be immodest, but I consider us to be above average intelligence, and she has a STEM degree (chemical engineering) but when it came down to it, we opted for public schools. We just didn't feel like we had the discipline required to effectively teach them, nor the space to dedicate to a school area.

  10. Unless your degree is in education (specifically early child education) it is pretty much irrelevant. My wife is a teacher and unless you want another 2x full time job of setting up curriculum and implementing curriculum. This thread is hilarious. I can completely understand the frustrations and fears of dealing with the public school systems. I would say go the private route or go public with private tutoring. Or you can do whatever the hell you want because you know libertarianism.

  11. after the US dollar collapses they will use thier btc reserves to bail out the country

  12. I could see 3 happening fr, the dude (Renny I think?) keeps warning him his people wanna eat. Honestly I hope Lee is one of the ones who winds up in jail though. I feel like it would be so much more tragic after him and Wanda were free of their old lives to come back and be put in a cage.

  13. This makes a ton sense. Become one of the hardcore leaders in prison or does the NOI route.

  14. Hmmm must live in Florida because they aren’t teaching that US history over there. *Freeway Ricky Ross

  15. I find it interesting that Franklin and Jerome basically have the opposite dynamic of D and Avon

  16. I unironically love Fritos (unbeatable texture IMO) but I have to admit they smell like my dog after she’s been sunning on the back porch all afternoon

  17. Sort of like a Thai taco meat, although it’s cold. It’s really light and refreshing. Umami from the fish sauce, bright & light from the lime and really fresh from all the herbs.

  18. My question is how is this Dale and not Rusty Shackleford?

  19. I heard the post got 90 lines removed from its last paragraph

  20. I heard two guys could start reading on either end and still never find a coherent thought in OPs post.

  21. We can't have him in our social club no more, that much I do know.

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