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  1. Hi! Do you have a source for this or the original artist?

  2. Well, if you didn't originally draw it, where did you pull the image file from?

  3. Haha, I'll probably do some more. Not every one of these fits as a wallpaper imo.

  4. So damn sad they didnt do Ragnarok releases. Would have loved Thor and Odin

  5. This is excellent! Please feel free to post more of the Cyberpunk tarot cards and I will aggressively upvote and download them all.

  6. Sure! Follow me so you don't miss them.

  7. I might do some of them. I'm not sure if all of the cards would be suitable as a wallpaper.

  8. Out of the Flash movie wave this one is the best. It is not saying much though, rest of the figures look bad af.

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