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  1. 30 x 20 is 600, plus the 100 membership fee to access that price level = 700, as they explained. Their mutiplication beats your reading comprehension it seems.

  2. Ok don’t listen to any of these people lol you can tape these boxes together.

  3. I just delivered one today with two of these same exact boxes taped together. If postage is paid, and it handles like a single box, theres no problem.

  4. The fighting energy symbol for the dig attack is sideways.

  5. As far as I'm aware, yes. Only unlimited fossil krabby.

  6. I pulled my base charizard in the back seat of my dads pickup way back when. Tis a thing indeed.

  7. One of my fav all time card images. I got one out of my first ETB for the series as well. Congrats!

  8. Missouri has 8 different schools in it but none from Missouri lol

  9. Almost got one from each neighboring state even. I thought OU might sneak in.

  10. As a KU fan in central Missouri, its good to be home.

  11. I need Gibson and Penny combined to outscore Kupp by 25. Its been real.

  12. Leaguemates picked up McKissic, Hilliard, Minnesota D, and Hubbard over Matteson and let him fall to me. I don't understand, but i won't complain.

  13. I benched Amari Cooper for Manny Sanders fearing the backup QB in Dallas. I need 45 combined from Toney and Darrel Williams to pull off the W.

  14. Our top scorer is currently 0-3. His original starting roster was Herbert, Hopkins, Ridley, Lockett, Cook, Jacobs, Fant with Hunt in at flex. 10 team .5 ppr. Bad luck chuck.

  15. I've always believed that that is literally the caae, Amazon really does size their boxes to be a tiny bit bigger than standard mailbox sizes... probably to discourage their own drivers from mailboxing them (which their drivers shouldn't anyway), not caring that also stops postal workers from doing the same.

  16. Amazon has boxes that will fit in standard "small" mailboxes. I typically have a few of them to deliver every day. I cant imagine they give any kind of a damn about the size of their boxes in relation to how they are delivered.

  17. Don't worry, all the clerk will need to find the certified letter is your address. It doesn't have to be signed for by the recipient, you just need to be over 18.

  18. So long as its not restricted delivery this is correct. A standard certified letter does not require an addressee signature, simply an adult signature. If its restricted then it must be signed for by the addressee.

  19. Love those fans. Have 5 120s and 2 140s in my rig atm, cant beat em for the price!

  20. I did it before this weeks games. Still felt wrong even after watching this week.

  21. Looks like cloud fell in the lifestream again.

  22. Just got my shadowcraft pants tonight after 23 kills. Felt like 50.

  23. We have yet to see either a CTS or a viskag drop. Its beyond laughable at this point.

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