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i recreated Rick and Morty Garage in 3d

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  1. I think this is one of the biggest problems with flairs. It assigns positions to you and people try to make you defend them.

  2. I think that Trump was specifically against the Iraq war and also got pushed into the Syria war with hesitance that isn't shown by any other presidents or many US politicians. He ran on a platform that opposed war (quite a different take than most republicans and he was seen as more closely aligned with paleoconservative/libertarians like Alex Jones). I'm an American and voted against trump with progressive "liberal" write in candidates, though my values are more closely aligned with Trump's STATED values (and yes i have always known that he's a CON[i mean BUSINESS]man). And he is clearly somewhat beholden to ISRAEL (not russia. Those oligarchs are israeli and ukrainian even if some of them have close relationships with Putin)

  3. If peepers are a food source of Ghost Leviathans, why would they glow? That seems evolutionarily disadvantageous.

  4. Cus they are omnivores. And eat smaller stuff.

  5. Oh interesting! In the game the void is referred to as an "ecological dead zone" where only plankton like stuff exists so that's why I was a bit confused at first.

  6. Words change all the time and rarely do people complain. The word literally doesn't even always mean literally anymore, just as one example.

  7. Man, I remember when I was 13 lol. Don't worry, you'll pick up some better insults when you get a bit older.

  8. I guess I just wonder when our 3d plane came along. Cause before that the nothing was nothing fr

  9. AI could solve the problem of how to fix them though.

  10. What about the fact that there could be a civilization on a faraway planet but we are snapping photos of light thousands to millions of years old telling a different story?

  11. I think OP is trying to say that it’s even worse than the original picture. We were already inbred, then some genetic diversity happened and God decided we weren’t inbred enough, so he flooded everything so we’d go back to being inbred. And now we’re probably due for another flood.

  12. Is it moral to punch someone in the face? Not really. Is it moral to punch someone in the face who's pointing a gun at a child? Quite likely.

  13. In real life, objectively moral is what matters. Sometimes performing a less than moral action is necessary to prevent further detriment to a situation.

  14. No shit, pay attention to what we were talking about

  15. Any thoughts on the age limits argument? I think it sounds great but I'm not sure it's really "legal" to have an age cap? Ageism and what not

  16. I like the idea of some old people in government. Diversity of thought is a good thing. They have interests as a group.

  17. That's not a real test dawq that's like a 25 question quizlet. The only valid IQ tests where you can brag about it are standardized ones administered by a psychologist. A lot of the online ones legit measure your score based on how fast you do it, so if you just click through super fast you can get a score of like 150, even if all your answers are wrong.

  18. I have to assume from your response you didn't even bother to look at the link.

  19. Key word, 'unofficial.' And it's only spatial questions. Does taking an unofficial driving test get me a license? Can I brag about my SAT score when I didn't actually take the SAT, I took a mini unofficial online version with only the math section?

  20. a genuine question: in almost every scientific observation we discuss about precision and accuracy of results. given that, to what degree are these pictures "accurate"?

  21. If someone with more knowledge wants to respond that might be helpful but since you're getting downvoted and made fun of I'll take a crack at an explanation.

  22. thanks a lot for your answer!!! your knowledge was more than enough for my questions. It really caught me off guard how my question was perceived as "skeptical" or "tinfoilly".

  23. The occupation lasted one day before Mother Nature kicked them out with a tornado. Even the weather was against them.

  24. "Not so Madam. It is rather to aid your enemies in the destruction of your city."

  25. Progress over time isn't guaranteed. A devastating war, plague or simply bad leadership can set a country back decades, and these things can happen over and over again.

  26. Who you sleep with is no one's business but yours and that person.

  27. How were you born "too soon to be a teen TikTok star" if you're 30?

  28. I'm not religious in an official capacity, other than baptized and confirmed Catholic, but I can't help but feel like Godlessness is just a direct link to left wing hedonism. I mean, what's their ultimate Cardinal sin? The haram of harams? Judgement. Thou shalt not judge. Thy drug addict, drug dealer, pedophile, person who sleeps with half the town, person who eats like Doritos are going extinct, asshole mooching off his parents his whole life, guy who robs a convenience store and then proceeds to assault a cop, etc.

  29. /uj let’s be serious for a second who is having serious private discussions on minecraft of all places

  30. In CW, Howard's last words are "...Sargent Barnes?", Bucky stops for a second but the winter soldier programming takes the wheel again and he kills Howard.

  31. OOOhhh okay thank you! I forgot that was revealed in Civil War so I was trying to figure out how that stood for Captain America: Winter Soldier... like Captain Winter?

  32. Of course it’s fake. This guy would have needed to travel back in time to get the footage and then return to current day. Star Destroyers existed a long time ago. Time travel is not possible. Yet.

  33. Isn't time travel possible through the World Between Worlds in Rebels?

  34. Shouldn’t it be -68 instead of 86

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