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  1. If you're open to selling it's always worth talking. I had a 97 Civic EX 180,000 mi on it, I used to get notes all the time but I wasn't selling. Then I started thinking about selling in my plan was to keep some of the notes I got call him up when I got ready to sell..... However sadly it got totaled on the way to work one day. I really wanted to sell it to one of the neighborhood kids.

  2. Not really an issue becaus the person asking you usually is not very qualified to judge your response.

  3. "So have I ever told you about how one of my ex-girlfriends started growing armpit hair?...."

  4. ChatGPT will also quote totally irrelevant scientific studies when you ask it for explicit references.

  5. I've given ChatGPT word problems and with different answers to the same problem..... It's not quite there yet

  6. That really was the coolest era of gaming. It's objectively better now, but your dad spoke to people in the house where they made Doom

  7. II was into MS Access from the beginning V2.0. And I remember being able to call Microsoft personally to work through issues....user related not just bugs.

  8. That being said, millions of people ride bikes without guards. I have quite a few bikes and the only ones with guards are my Radpower bikes. Decades of riding and i've never caught my pants. Pretty sure it's just Radpower being super safe.

  9. Used to be much more of an issue when Bell-bottoms/Super-bells we're in fashion (70s).

  10. I live in the ‘burbs and we are getting more restaurants and I think this is because more people work from home now so running a restaurant in the “city center” is different post pandemic than it was pre-pandemic. When I go to lunch now, it’s by my house, not by my office. The downtown still has draws like the arena, performing arts center, etc. but fewer restaurants are needed to support the fewer number of people working downtown.

  11. Could be the homeless issues..... Makes me not want to go into the city, if you can call Sacramento City.

  12. Hmm... commenting on a city sub about how much you hate the city in a desperate bid for attention?

  13. Little sensitive there I see and quick with the platitudes.... Just slap a label on something you don't understand.

  14. She has love for any creature on earth.. and maybe even otter space.

  15. Seems to me that $800,00 is change found under the sofa when it comes to taking care of animals or developing a zoo it won't go very far at all in the project.

  16. Reddit has a huge and inexplicable boner for communist China

  17. Yeah they seem to like the death of millions..... If I didn't know the sub or Reddit for that matter was mostly bots I'd be shocked and appalled.


  19. this right here....a hard concept to grasp, but once you do it's a great tool.

  20. Got a ST and a HS and both racks are like in this video (starting at 3:00):

  21. I went through this with a recent RadRover 6 Plus Step-through.

  22. Thank both sides in the end don't have to be completely cinched down?

  23. This is particularly true for a Subaru. Inconsistencies in tire wear caused by buying any fewer than 4 tires (unless the tires are very new, the system does allow for some small tolerances here) can cause serious damage to the AWD system, because the slight difference in tire diameter caused by wear confuses the awd system into thinking the wheels are spinning at different speeds so it overcompensates and breaks itself. Source: had an appx. $1200 repair bill for an issue caused by doing this exact thing

  24. There is also the possibility of getting one new tire and having it shaved.

  25. Just learn from it, it's not your road it's their road god damn it!

  26. Both of you actually you for hanging around in his blind spot and not anticipating what he was going to do or even the possibility..... And him forgiving zero s****.... That's how people die man

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