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  1. I love Tyler OMG! Squishy af!

  2. I love all of them! I freaking LOVE them IDC!

  3. The commentators are wanking off Arsenal!

  4. I think it gives a personal touch. Like imagine naming your Wifi. Some people including me, try to come up with quirky names for their electronic devices.

  5. Hope City v Spurs ends up in a draw

  6. Username committed suicide at the irony

  7. Is it weird that I wanna pet it? Pretty sure my hands will be gone but still.

  8. Actually getting sick of Man U games not being accessible to watch in the UK.

  9. Are you talking about Hotstar? Absolutely impossible to get that to work with a VPN in my experience.

  10. Change countries physically :)

  11. OP any decent wifi, mobile plan and a pirate hat should do!

  12. Lemme contact the expert for you

  13. OP has attached the proof of his question's answer, and still asking.

  14. Acha hai becho becho, bikne pe treat zaroor dena

  15. Bhagwan kisi ko itna paise deta hai aur kisi ko thoda sa bhi nahi😔

  16. Not Bhagwan man, it’s all Mudiji

  17. Isko ek bhai chahiye jiska nam ho Caeser

  18. Agar MoU ki baat hai to Bihar me bhi 1 lakh se jyad investment ho gya hai

  19. Bhai 1 lakh to aajkal 21 sal ke log Kama lete hai, bas itta sa investment XD

  20. UP has an advantage of sharing border with Delhi. So can't really compare the figures. But that doesn't mean what these people are doing in Bihar is right

  21. UP also shares a border with Bihar :)

  22. Duke 390! ᕙ⁠(⁠⇀⁠‸⁠↼⁠‶⁠)⁠ᕗ

  23. Does it have to do anything with mileage? Pls explain

  24. Bro get the mods to make you a flair as 25 kmpl guy XD

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