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Norwegian bros dance their heart out on a hugely popular Indian song in a wedding.

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  1. If the end result is what you want, then how you get there doesn't matter. Ignore the critics!

  2. That his refusal to acknowledge the abuse I suffered at his hands, despite extensive time and multiple attempts on my part to address it, means he will likely never see me again.

  3. Last week. My pastor hugged me because a prayer I had was answered.

  4. My hatred for mansplaining. I don't know if it happens so often because I am very short. I reached the height of 5' at 13 and haven't grown an inch since then. I've met lots of men who take it up on themselves to mansplain in just regular everyday convos. Like they can't help but think they need to educate me. 🀷🏽 While I may not know every single thing, I do have a master's degree, and have quite a bit of common sense. I am 52 years young and I STILL hate mansplaining. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  5. In my head I am a pin-up girl lol. So years ago I got a pin-up girl tattoo and that's her name.

  6. Only running my a/c if home during the day and turning it off by 6:30 pm. I don't use it in the AM. My most recent bill is $58.34. I live in Charleston, SC.

  7. I have the kind of name that lends itself to several shortened versions. I love every single one of them when friends, family, and loved ones use them. Your dad is an odd person.

  8. "I had to stop calling them mommy and daddy" just gutted me. How could they not want to be called by those sweet names!?!?!

  9. Looking like a bunch of uncles! Uncle Reggie, Uncle Vernon, Uncle Harold,Uncle Jimmy....😊

  10. Working two jobs to afford to live alone is exhausting.

  11. Wonderful why the previous sheriff is mentioned as disgraced.

  12. What does:"transforms from African descent to an Irishman in winter" mean?

  13. That he went from his African root, color of skin, to an extremely pale complection. Where I'm from we don't really use the "black" and "white" term for skin like how I've seen it be used in places like North America. For us being "black" is not limited to skin color. But that's a whole different conversation Sorry for the misunderstanding

  14. Thank you for clarifying. I had not read or heard it expressed like that before. Your post was so engaging and I wanted to be sure I understood it all.

  15. this a super hero? I refuse to believe anything else. Also that hair is amazing! Super bad ass

  16. Same mess for Cubans... because I don't look like Gloria Estefan πŸ™„

  17. Telling you that how you feel is dumb is high key wrong. Full stop.

  18. Def makes me want to curl up and take a nap!😍

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