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  1. I’ve always haven’t been able to drink alcohol without feeling sick. My anxiety gets worse and I get clammy feeling and instead of enjoying the buzz most friends get to feel I feel so bleh and tired that I want to just go and hide in bed. So I just accepted it and honestly it doesn’t bother me that I can’t drink.

  2. Honestly NTA. There is no good way to approach this, either way he’s going to marked as the asshole. If he brought it in and asked his wife why she threw it out it would start an argument. The fact he’s asked her to give stuff to the chickens and still refuses is making her out to be the ass. The food wasn’t bad, yes she threw it away but I’m pretty sure it was still in packaging. It’s not like she opened it and tossed it lmao everyone is so sensitive today with things.

  3. Reading this at 3 am while not being able to sleep definitely didn’t help my situation

  4. I’m sorry 😅 but dude trust me after that thing crawled over me the next few nights I said fuck it and I’ve been sleeping on the inside of the bed. Fiancé can get taken by it but nope I refuse to feel that thing crawl over me again lmao

  5. Here's to hoping you feel better later.

  6. •I have anxiety that makes me loose touch with reality. •I need most of my teeth ripped out of my mouth do to neglect on my part. •I have bad anger problems. •I am accident prone. •I am a slight klepto. •I hate cilantro 🌿 (the story behind it is I once accidentally took a bite of food and crunched on a stink bug and now the smell or taste of cilantro causes me to gag).

  7. To describe him would be like describing a beautiful painting, very priceless and truly one of a kind. To start I would love to point out his perfect Ocean blue eyes with hints of grey that captivate you, I could stare in them all day.. he has freckles splattered on his face that give him that youthful look. The way his nose scrunches as he smiles. Oh that beautiful smile.. to pull it all together is his dark brown hair so curly and long that even Fabio would be jealous. He’s truly a work of art.

  8. Nothing to be ashamed about. You were honest and thoughtful. If he shows at the food bank, you should have given him a high five.

  9. You’re right :) it was just so unexpected that he was there. He at least found it funny and we talked a bit so I’m just glad I didn’t offend him

  10. My Fiance and I tried using my vibrator during sex and it was really good till I had two orgasams that lead to a full-on panic attack. Stopped just before he finished and started crying lmao I didn't know I could cause a panic attack from sex... Learning new things about me. :/

  11. Yta Honestly it’s not your place to dictate where she and her spouse announce it. They were excited. You and your husband need to grow a shell, yes it’s hard for you guys now but to give your sister so much attitude for saying she’s expecting is messed up. You both reacted poorly. You can be sad about it in private. It’s your parents house not yours. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  12. I work in fast food. I hate it for many reasons. I get up and don't want to go to work just like today I am dreading going in. But once I'm there I switch to my friendly face and instantly start doing my job since I know no one else will. I am great at what I do because If I don't do it who will? It's an easy job once you know everything. But it's the coworkers, the management, and the customers that make me not want to come in. I say there is a handful of good people that make my job less miserable. Everyone hates their jobs except the few that actually enjoy it. And the ones who enjoy it I envy. LMAO, We do what we got to do to get the money to survive. No one wants to get fired from places so it's just a matter of doing what has to be done.

  13. Get some Diatomaceous earth, you can get a big bag at Lowes and other similar places for $20 or less, put it all over your dog, it will not hurt him at all, it's all natural,I have been using it for years. This stuff is like a vampire for bugs, it literally sucks the moisture out of them and they die. It works for bed bugs, on ant hills, fleas, ticks, you name it, it should kill mites too. You can sprinkle it around areas the dog lays too. For the itching and hot spots, get a small thing of gold label nupro powder, been using it for years for my dog, and have referred others to use it with great results. In a week or less hot spots and itching will be gone, you mix it with water it's a powder and goes on food, dogs love the smell and taste. You will probably have to buy it online as it's hard to find in stores. Get it on Amazon. These are cost affective ways to stop it.

  14. I second the diatomaceous earth!! Works for all bugs with exoskeletons bc it dries out and cracks it, or so I’ve heard. But my grandparents use it for earwig infestations they get in their area (YUCK and YIKES). We just got some for our cats who have chronic flea issues, the flea meds you can buy at the store are hardly effective anymore bc the bastards have evolved! The powdered earth stuff is great cause you can dump it everywhere all over everything (the cats themselves, the yard, around the doors, on the couch, in the rugs) and then vacuum it up next day. It makes the cats’ fur kind of rough and weird and I don’t feel great about the idea of them ingesting it when cleaning, but I’d rather that than flea meds bc they’re just so toxic. Also, it’s cheap!!!! Flea meds are SO EXPENSIVE.

  15. I agree! I’m definitely getting some, I honestly forgot about diatomaceous earth! My mom used to use it all the time with her animals when I was younger

  16. You’re not in the wrong. A lot of personal problems should be kept between you and him. My fiancé and I are the same way, I don’t talk to my family about personal things and he doesn’t talk to his. It’s a mutual agreement. Just talk to your husband and explain why you don’t want him talking about the personal stuff, he should be okay with this. Just try to hear his side of things as well.

  17. George Carlin put it best, Fuck the Fucking Fuckers. Sometimes that's all you can do. People get butt hurt over the silliest shit now and sometimes it's in your own best interest to say fuck 'em.

  18. I hate the period pain plus just to blood in general. I hate the sexism when it comes to going to a hardware store and being ignored while they praise my bf(I was there for things not just him). I hate the hormones making me cry for no reason lmao

  19. Bringing a baby into this world isn't a blessing for the life you're considering creating... this place is very ugly and harsh most of the time

  20. Lmao I know that, the world is mainly a cruel dark place but at the end of the day it is what it is

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