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  1. And I love how we got probably some of the best representation in years, in a critically acclaimed series and it's being seen as one of the best episodes in TV series of all time.

  2. Yes!! To see two gay men who aren’t caricatures prancing around the screen dropping sassy one-liners. I actually felt like I could relate as I was watching. Never experienced that before in a show. Awesome episode!!!!

  3. And those little skanks should be charged thoroughly for his trouble.

  4. I mean can’t bash the dude he got him something nice back there. Lucky bastard.

  5. Isn’t it?! When I was looking for a corn I was hoping I’d get one with the piano key belly! So happy he is retaining most of the white and black with his sheds and color spreading.

  6. 250-300 degree for about 2 hours in the oven should sterilize it.

  7. Extreme Okeetee is my all time favorite. The extreme contrast, thick black borders, it’s such a neat looking snake. Like this guy:

  8. Is there like a simple legit way to tell if a snake is venomous before it bites you?

  9. It’s a collection of characteristics you learn through continuous experience with them honestly. Region, eyes, shape, pattern, etc. Can’t really depend on any single one of them though, it’s like a checklist I go through in my mind everytime I come across a snake to identify it.

  10. So this guy is actually a Wandering Garter. Crazy right? I’m used to the garters here in the south so when I saw these guys it was a surprise.

  11. And he’s that chill? Are you a Druid or Disney princess? Lol

  12. Hhaha it’s all in how you handle them. Calm and gentle usually makes them respond in kind :-)

  13. Mimicry? Think about how a hognose flares its neck to resemble a rattlesnake...

  14. I had a teacher once tell me that venomous snakes have "angry eyes", but I can't be certain how reliable that advice is. This snake doesn't have angry eyes, though!

  15. That tracks a bit, but as with everything there are exceptions. Coral snakes don’t have particularly angry eyes. Black Mambas, and even King Cobras aren’t very angry. I think it’s only the vipers you look at and say “yea THAT thing is venomous”

  16. This must your first time having gays move in next door? Anal hurts dude, don’t judge……

  17. Juvenile Black Racer. Harmless. Pattern disappears as they age. Coluber constrictor

  18. Thank you, makes sense as I’ve seen adults in this area before. I had no idea the juveniles had such striking markings!

  19. When I first found one on my property I said the same thing “what in the hell is that!?” Hahahah wish they kept the markings they are beautiful!!

  20. “Boy what I tell you about talking to them hairless apes?! You gonna learn today, come here!!!”

  21. That’s how mine does it. He’s struck and coiled maybe twice since I’ve had him but usually he is politely tugging until I release it then he drags it to his lair for eating.

  22. Give me a minute nail, I’ll find it. Don’t screw this up for me dammit I need to hammer it out for a moment.

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