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  1. Based on everything shown… it’s still a Doritos code redemption…

  2. Haha bet, are you on Xbox? If not I can just add your activision account

  3. I mean….. is it a stretch though? From a fiscal business approach standpoint and a company HR standpoint?….. lol

  4. Uh yeah it is. It’s a video game. You bought the game if you don’t like it that’s fine but to sit there and play it saying you’re being abused it ridiculous Edit: I’d like to add call of duty players are the whiniest people. If you really thought you’d get a game with no bugs why on earth would you buy a call of duty game when they have a track record of glitchy games

  5. I think he meant abusers in the sense of all the allegations and or the over monetization with battle passes and skins and such, if I’m not mistaken

  6. Imagine one singular pissed off moose in the game. You walk out of a hardware store and see him staring at you before he charges, that would be as hysterically funny as it would be terrifying

  7. Any time another game in this genre comes out (Stardeus for example) I think to myself why pay for something new when rimworld has years of development and an amazing modding community behind it. Rimwold is such a definitive game that 20 years from now we will call them rimworld-likes.

  8. Absolutely, rimworld is my most cherished game so it really would only come down to like performance improvements and seeing what tynan spin they could have with a new game. I would personally prefer just better performance and stick with rimworld overall, but the discussion of a rimworld 2 is an interesting topic.

  9. One of the big issues with Rimworld is that it's something called 'single threaded' which means all the work for the entire game happens on a single core on your pc, which creates a big bottleneck in performance as there is almost no feasible way to retroactively add multi-threaded functionality (there is a thread somewhere recently where they talked about this in depth) And since single CPU cores can only do so much before physics becomes a problem, there is a hard limit to how much even the most monstrous of computers can do.

  10. I appreciate this insight, definitely sums up the bottleneck. Hopefully they integrate those changes to boost performance! Love rimworld and I looking forward to what changes they may bring

  11. From someone who has played more than a 1000 hours (and still not mastered the game), here are a couple quick thoughts of mine, though some will surely disagree:

  12. Awesome tips thank you for this! Yea my first game I got brutally taken out lol, second game I’m on isn’t as bad. Great game and very understandable that you have 1000 hours in it as it seems like it’ll be one of those games for me as well since I love Civ, rimworld, and bannerlord. Seems to have some similarities to those games, more so civ and bannerlord (rimworld for the war crimes ;) LOL) but will definitely try out these tips and see where it gets me!

  13. -Listen to the tutorial robot in the corner of your screen, he is your friend. -Read. Everything. All the stat options, all the diplomatic notifications, all the ship design tooltips, etc. The game will tell you what you need to know. -The other empires cannot be trusted. They are either useless 'friends' or enemies. Trust them only as much as you must, take what you can. -I don't recommend looking up guides or spoilers for events, at least until you get the hang of the basics. Chaos is most of the fun and screwing up is the best teacher. -Criminal Syndicate empires are kill on sight. Bully them as much as possible. -Have fun with it, that is the most important part of the game.

  14. Yeah, they are pretty good as long as you use a pawn with high shooting skill or you have like 6 of them all going off at once

  15. This is something I’ve always wondered but never looked up. Wasn’t sure if the shooting skill applied to this, do you notice a decent difference with higher shooting?

  16. Mortars are calibrated with a miss radius of 9 for a pawn with 8 shooting, 100% manipulation, and 100% sight. That is, if that pawn fires a mortar, the shell will hit somewhere within 9 tiles of where they're aiming. You get -1 tile of miss radius roughly every +4 shooting or +20% manipulation (sight above 100% has no effect).

  17. Lmao I’m doing the same thing and I haven’t even bought it yet oops

  18. Consumes smokeleaf before playing, forgets to trade with just about every trade caravan that comes along as I get sidetracked by 10 different things at once.

  19. Looks good! Do you have a link for the tutorial? I’m still pretty new to blender but this seems interesting to try out

  20. Make the pawn a vampire and then they should only be able to die when the head is gone

  21. I’m trying this out lol, does it actually work that way or are you saying hypothetically it should be that way?

  22. Saguophages have the deathless gene, which states as long as the brain remains intact, the carrier of the gene will never die

  23. Hell yea, I guess my one vampire in the colony has a new role as warden, with a little bit of a twist to his approach lol

  24. Yooooo mr whitee, you’re not lookin to good bro. You haven’t been on that blue have you? Mr white?…

  25. I ended up with a Ryzen 5600g and a 3060 16gb ram for like $1400 from Best Buy a few months back, gotta say I’m a little jealous of this pricing lol

  26. Wood logs can be equipped as a weapon, same with beer. Not sure if that's it though

  27. What an amazing response, not only informative but extremely encouraging, Thank you. With how daunting this is with the interface and what not, I feel like I have a solid plan now moving forward based off this response! definitely gonna watch these recommended tutorials and give it a go, cheers.

  28. Similar to people selling shovels during a gold rush, many talented artists make more selling assets than they would making actual games. Most of those assets are made outside of the engine, though. You do not need a college degree to create and sell assets.

  29. Loot the house you spawn in, slowly loot houses around it. Die and keep doing that and practice combat, you'll eventually get the hang of it.

  30. 100%. Before they know it, they’ll go from a butter knife, to a frying pan, to an axe lol

  31. I found a really nice black L shaped desk on Amazon that’s I believe 60-72” on one side, perfect for being not too big but big enough for two monitors and a desktop

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