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  1. First of all: we should nothing. There isn't a damn thing in the world we ought to do other than enjoy your life.

  2. But how can an ethical system stay consistent without imposing moral responsibility on agents?

  3. How could you Watch an anime or read a manga so fukin WRONG ? Eren is not even close to à AN. Only Zeke is.

  4. Zeke isn’t against other people reproducting only cause he cannot save them and doesn’t care. For anyone he want to save, he consider anti natalism as the solution.

  5. nem baj, hogy azok, akik így gondolkodnak nem vállalnak gyereket. legalább kiesnek a génjeink az állományból. nem kár.

  6. Mivel az egyik unokát szeretne, tehát már van gyereke, nyilván nem rá.

  7. Nem volt világos, hogy esetleg mindkettőre gondolsz-e. Mert ugye mindkettejük génjei kiesnek az állományból.

  8. Your age is like the number on your Prog / Con Axis data...

  9. Most philosophers don’t incorporate Freud’s discovery of the death drive into their theories

  10. It means "therefore" or "thus" when drawing a conclusion, but you needn't really use it unless you want to. If you'd rather use "derfor" that is fine too.

  11. Probably a translation-convention from the yonder days, rewritten from reading English. Descartes said something that sounds more like "I think, so I am". So it could have been translated as "Jeg tenker, så jeg er". (Which probably could have avoided people wasting a lot of time trying to disprove it as if it was a strictly formal-logical argument).

  12. African -> Polynesian, mother of fucking christ on the cross

  13. Ever heard of something called making friends?

  14. Keyword is seems he's not actually intelligent though he's just good at talking

  15. It's a bit too shiny for a vaporwave artwork, but it looks really good indeed.

  16. It refers to both, I don't see how it can be interpreted otherwise

  17. I mean, "who has never been born" can either refer to a fetus (a state after impregnation; let's call this case "X") or to virtually nothing (a state before impregnation; let's call this case "Y"). And Ecclesiastes doesn't specify which one he's talking about.

  18. Neither of them have been born, and there's no reason to exclude either of the possibilities. So I think assuming (X and Y} is pretty reasonable

  19. Ohh I see what you mean now, but I still maintain my position.

  20. If you think the existence of life itself is a "guilty act" then you're beyond deluded. That or you're a teenager who knows nothing about the way the world works.

  21. Then you should get some education on drawing philosophical distinctions.

  22. It would help if you actually read the Quran.. “Had Allah willed, He would have made all of them a single group; but He admits whomsoever He wills into His mercy. As for the wrongdoers, they have neither a patron nor a helper.”

  23. I think OP had already addressed this point. It seems you've just repeated the same thing OP objected with slightly more elegance.

  24. I’m pointing out that God addresses this in the Quran directly. It’s not in His wisdom to make it so that everyone a believer.. so starting with that premise isn’t correct

  25. Yeah I believe so too. I think this is a bad objection on OP's part, but I was just pointing out how OP already dealt with this problem (in his own peculiar way...).

  26. Kauffman joins the idea of ER and the Overman in a single chapter in his book on Nietzsche, which is probably the most outstanding commentary on the subject.

  27. Wanting children is not what the video is all about.

  28. Guy should be ignored. The snakeoil salesman of philosophy. His followership is ultratoxic and worship everything he says, including his absurd keto-diet claims. That alone should give you an idea how much trash he talks. Not to mention him not cleaning up his room despite writing a whole book on how you should clean up your room.

  29. I just thought the other day about how I haven't seen this meme format in Overwatch and how Lucio would be perfect for it. I thought about this like 2 days ago or something like that wow

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